Pokemon Trading Card Game Gameboy | Walkthrough and Cheats

Pokemon Trading Card Game Gameboy – Pokemon Trading Card Game is a well-known pokemon game from all the Pokémon video games. Pokemon trading card game Gameboy is the adaptation of the original tabletop trading card game.

Pokémon trading card game is based on the Pokémon game series “Pokémon role-playing video game”.

About Pokemon Trading Card Game Gameboy:

pokemon trading card game gameboy

The game has originally developed by Hudson Soft and Creatures. The game was released on Apr 10, 2002, on Game boy color in the English version. Initially, the game was released in Japan on December 18, 1998. Pokemon trading card game Gameboy is the best among all other Pokémon games because this game needs no experience and knowledge of Pokémon.

Yes, it doesn’t matter you are a professional Pokémon player, beginner, or new to Pokémon. The game is different from other Pokémon games as it breaks the traditional way to face the enemy.

You can play the pokemon trading card game Gameboy with totally computer enemy and also with your friends via the infrared game port on the Game Boy Color.

All the cards shown in the game are only virtual cards. There is no exclusive card outside of the game. If you are a cards lover or card collector, then you must visit the below link where you can learn about Pokémon cards and where to buy them at cheap prices:

Pikachu Pokemon Card:

Pokemon Trading Card Game Gameboy Walkthrough:

Here you will learn about the tips and guidance for the pokemon trading card game Gameboy. First talk about the main game controls and functions.

Control NameAction
Start ButtonExplains the selected Pokémon card and also when moving, access the pause menu.
A ButtonFor Confirming commands and operations, for talking to people, checking bookcases, selecting cards, etc.
B ButtonFor canceling commands and return in menus to the previous screen.
Select ButtonView play area screen, of your or your opponent’s, use to arrange your hands.
Neutral dpadMove character, menu selection.

So, these are the basic controls of the pokemon trading card game Gameboy.

The game begins with 7 energies Fire, water, grass, fighting, lightning, colorless and psychic. These energies create a circle around three cards which are Charizard, Aerodactyl, and Scyther.  Then they begin to circle the poke ball showing the game’s menu and main logo.

There seems a “new game” option to start a new game. After coming to Mason’s Laboratory, your first step of the game starts. Here you tell Dr that you are here to learn how to play Pokémon. Mason tells you about your opponent Sam and then Sam tells you about 7 things you can learn about which are Energy, Attacking, Retreating, evolving of a Pokémon, Using Pokémon Powers, Ending Your Turn, and The Win and Loss of a Duel.

The next step is Practice Duel. Here both of you draw seven cards and place the prizes. Then toss begins. After this, both draw a card. The game remains between water and energy cards. Mason guides you to place particular cards against Sam.

After the game, the loser will be paralyzed and the winner get the prize.

After you won, you have to choose your deck. It’s up to you to choose whether Bulbasaur & Friends Deck, Charmander & Friends deck or the Squirtle & Friends Deck. Energy cards are very helpful to improve your decks.

Here you can watch the pokemon trading card game gameboy review:

Pokemon Trading Card Game Gameboy Cheats:

Following are some pokemon trading card games Gameboy cheats

  1. Quick win: 0100C8C3
  2. Mystery: 018420D1
  3. Laboratory:018221D1
  4. Infinite Health Activation:01ffc8c2
  5. Infinite Booster packs in the mail:01811ED1
  6. Have all fake Medals:0108CCD3
  7. No HP opponents:0100C8C3
  8. Coins always land on head:01012FC2
  9. Evolution:01851FD1
  10. Lv.8 Mew:01A000C4

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