Top 9 Easy Locations for Farming Coal in Palworld

Hey everybody! Today we’re diving into the best places to farm coal in Palworld. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

1. South of the First Snowy Biome

Our first location is just south of the first snowy biome you encounter on the map. This spot is ideal for setting up a base due to its stunning mountain-top view and the abundance of resources. Here, you’ll find six coal nodes and eight ore nodes. This makes it an excellent spot for both mining and establishing a second or third Pow Box.

2. Southeast of the Snowy Biome

The second spot is southeast of the same snowy biome, near the fast travel point “The Sealed Realm of the Swift.” On this hill, you’ll find six coal nodes and an iron ore node nearby. It’s a safe location for mining, despite the occasional random Pals. Nearby, there’s another area rich in ore, making it a great dual-resource location.


3. Smaller Desert Biome

The third location is in a smaller desert biome near the Anubis boss. On a rock formation just southeast of the boss, you’ll discover six coal nodes—four on the main platform, one above, and one below. While space is limited for base-building, this spot is secure from raids due to its difficult access.

4. Coal Behind the Anubis Boss

Directly behind the Anubis boss in the desert region, this location features another six coal nodes scattered across different levels. This spot is unique due to its proximity to the Anubis statue, providing a visually interesting location for a small, multi-level base. It’s also a decent spot for farming.

5. West of the Anubis Boss

Just west of the Anubis boss, you’ll find six more coal nodes on a rock platform and a seventh node nearby. This area is close to a Syndicate Camp, so be prepared for potential encounters with soldiers and Pals. Despite these challenges, it’s a convenient spot for occasional collection.

6. Far Northern Side of the Desert Biome

Located northeast of the Dune Shelter, this mountain-top location features six coal nodes in close proximity. While there’s little room for a large base, it’s perfect for a Pow Box, providing a safe haven for coal collection due to its isolated nature.

7. South of the Snowy Biome (Middle of the Map)

East of the “Sealed Realm of the Guardian” fast travel point, this mountain-top spot boasts six coal nodes among a dense forest. The area offers a great view and decent space for base-building. The mountain’s backside drops off, providing a natural defense against raids from that direction.

8. Far Northern Desert Biome (Again)

On the northeastern side of the same mountain near the Dune Shelter, you’ll find another cluster of six coal nodes. This spot is spacious and ideal for building a substantial base, with plenty of room after clearing the trees.

9. North of the Dune Shelter

Our final spot is on a giant mountain north of the Dune Shelter fast-travel. This location has eight coal nodes on its western side. Though it’s prone to raids from any direction and home to high-level Pals, the sheer number of coal nodes makes it worthwhile for large-scale coal farming.

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These are the nine best locations for coal farming in Palworld. Each spot offers unique advantages, from stunning views and safety to abundant resources and strategic positioning. Whether you’re setting up a new base or just looking to gather resources efficiently, these locations have you covered. We hope this guide helps you gather resources efficiently. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you in the next one!

Last Updated on May 21, 2024

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