Postmaniac is a softwarebench partner blog. The need for latest news is necessary to our partners on various topics, the initiative to launch postmaniac just to give latest non-stop news so to keep you updated.

PostManiac is an ambitious media company founded in 2021 to provide legit information on technology, business, education, the internet, lifestyle, and trends.PostManiac is one of the world’s largest online resources for the latest updates on multiple niches and provides essential tools/information and resources to start, grow, and manage your business.

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Founder Members:

Muhammad Usama

Muhammad Usama

Muhammad Usama aims to develop, maintain and enhance the websites. He is excited about new technologies on the web that make our life easier and our environment better. He is basically a lazy person because he always advises the easiest way to do a task.

Contact :

Phone:+92 300 668603

Usama bin Safdar

Author of idea and founder of Softwarebench. Usama bin Safdar performs deep intuitive control on all SEO aspects of company innovations and projects. He’s basically a baby in the company because he wakes after every 2 hours and cries.