Best Locations for Farming Pure Quartz in Palworld

Welcome back, everyone! Today, I’m excited to show you how to get your hands on all the juicy pure quartz you need in Palworld. We’ll be setting up a farm base that will provide an infinite amount of this essential resource.

The Best Locations for Pure Quartz

Location 1: The Optimal Spot, 204, 93

In my opinion, the first location is the best for pure quartz farming. It has the most nodes of any area I’ve come across, making it ideal for setting up a long-term farming operation. The abundance of nodes ensures a consistent and plentiful supply of pure quartz.

Location 2: A Solid Alternative -211, 249

The second location isn’t as rich as the first, but it still has a decent number of nodes. It’s a good backup spot if you want to maximize your quartz yield or if the nodes at the first location are temporarily depleted.

Why You Need Pure Quartz

Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned veteran, eventually, you’ll need a lot of pure quartz. This resource is crucial for crafting circuit boards, which unlock at level 35. Circuit boards are essential for building late-game production lines, furnaces, kitchens, and more.


For instance:

  • The electric kitchen requires 5 pure quartz.
  • The sphere assembly 2 and many other advanced items each need 10 pure quartz.
  • The jet dragon saddle and various other high-level saddles also demand a significant amount of pure quartz.

Additionally, if you’re focusing on base defenses like missile launchers, you’ll find yourself burning through quartz quickly.

Preparing for Your Adventure

Before you embark on this mining adventure, make sure you have a pickaxe and helmet unlocked (available at level 30) and the flower bed (unlocked at level 24). These items will boost your mining and gathering speed, making your farming operation more efficient.

Setting Up the Farm Base

The first location I recommend is in a neutral zone within the dangerous late-game snow biome. Fortunately, this specific area doesn’t have any wild Pals or dangerous creatures, so you can mine peacefully. Occasionally, you might encounter a shiny Mamist, but they won’t attack unless provoked.

Building Your Base

1. Establish a Palbox: Position it within a central area of your mining nodes.

2. Gather Resources: Make sure the Palbox is well within the perimeter where your gatherers can reach.

3. Use Efficient Gatherers: Set up your gatherers to maximize quartz collection. Menace, Pegon, and Sparkit are great options for gathering.

Harvesting Pure Quartz

Pure quartz is a late-game node requiring Pals with level 3 mining or higher. If you’re harvesting it yourself, you’ll need a refined metal pickaxe. For early-game miners, Digtoys is a solid choice, available at level 18 with level 3 mining capabilities.

Yield and Respawn Rates

From my experience, the yield from these locations can be quite substantial:

  • Location 1: Up to 1,000 pure quartz per day.
  • Location 2: Between 700 to 900 pure quartz per day.

Nodes may take a day or so to respawn, but the yield remains consistently high.

Additional Tips

  • Resetting Food Timers: If you have a refrigerator with an ice Pal, taking the food out and putting it back in resets the spoilage timer.
  • Efficient Building: Utilize the orange growth feature for quick construction. The animations and efficiency make it a satisfying process.

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Setting up dual bases at both recommended locations will ensure a steady and abundant supply of pure quartz. This resource is vital for advancing in Palworld, and with this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to gather it efficiently.

I hope you found this video helpful! Don’t forget to like and share it to support the channel. Also, join our growing Discord community for more tips and discussions about Palworld. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video!

Last Updated on May 21, 2024

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