Meta Golding| Haitian-American actress


Meta Golding was born in India in 1971. Meta Golding successfully trained in figure skating while living in Italy, but an injury ended her skating career and she turned to acting. She returned to the United States to attend Cornell University, where she earned a master’s degree in art and international relations. For more information please click here


Meta Golding started her career in 1995 with the short film with title Conversation. When she is again during a drama (Quiet Days in Hollywood which is written by Robert G. Brown and Josef Rusnak and directed by Rusnak.She plays a role (Julie) in the drama. In 1997 she did the film in America with the name Kiss the Girls with the role of Beautiful Girl. 

1998 “Louis & Frank”:

In 1998 she did the film with title name Louis & Frank. She played the role of Besty  in the film. And then in 2001 She did the film ” On Edge” with the title name Julie Johnson.

Meta Golding| Haitian-American actress

2002 “BraceFace Brandi”:

In 2002 Meta Golding performed the role in the brace face Brandi as Kim Davis. It is a short film. In 2003 she did the film “Date or Disaster” with the role of Tarot lady. And she did the surrogate film as the role of the Female Counsel .

 2011 career:

Meta Golding did the short film in 2011 with the name “The Carrier” with the role Brenda. And then  Meta Golding did another film named The Chicago 8 with Leslie Seale. It is the Chicago Seven, originally the Chicago Eight and Also Known as the Conspiracy Eighth or Conspiracy Seven.

2015 “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Parts 2:

In 2015 Meta Golding did the film named The hunger Games MockingJay – Part 2 with the role of Enobaria. Enobaria are the characters in the hunger game Novels, a Series of young Adult science fiction novels by Suzanne Collins Whose original Trilogy was later adapted into a series of feature films. And in 2015 she did the film name” The Fix “ with the role of the Abigail.

Meta Golding Parents:

Her parents were the international aid workers in their own homeland. They separated when she was a year old. His parents met when his father was in Haiti and his father was running a humanitarian organization in India. He was working in Haiti at the time. Contrary to popular belief that he was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, he revealed that he was born in India after his parents immigrated. Considering that his father also worked at the United Nations, he grew up in many parts of the world such as America, Haiti, India, Italy and France.

Associated With:

Meta Golding starred in Catching Fire With Oscar Winning Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Biography of Meta Golding


November 2, 1971

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52 Years Ago

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