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Pikachu Pokemon Card is very popular among people. Some cards are hard to find and very expensive. You will see some Pikachu cards in this article but first, let’s talk about Pikachu and Pokémon.

Pikachu is a fictional character of the Pokémon cartoon. It is a special species of Pokémon that has electrical powers and characteristics. Pikachu looks like a yellow-colored mouse. The most major character of Pokémon is Pikachu.

pikachu pokemon card

The Pokémon series was started in Japan in 1996s. There are about eight generations of Pokémon cartoons that you can watch on YouTube and Netflix. Pikachu is included in Generation 1. Pikachu is the main character of the Pokémon cartoon series.

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Pokémon cartoons got too much popularity in public when they were first released. Many movies and amines have been made on Pokémon and Pikachu due to their popularity. There are also Pokémon cards available to play as a game.

Pikachu Pokemon card value:

This is the most listened question that how much is a Pikachu pokemon card worth? Pikachu cards are very expensive due to their rarity. The most expensive original Pikachu pokemon card (illustrator), which is available to buy, is $50,000 worth.

The most expensive Pikachu illustrator pokemon card was sold in New York whose price was the US $195,000.

Pikachu pokemon card McDonalds:

You can Buy the McDonalds Pikachu card by clicking here. Pikachu pokemon card McDonalds is easy to buy on eBay. The price of this card is US $125. The set is a Pokémon 25th Anniversary card with grade 10.

pikachu pokemon card

The manufacturer of this card is McDonald’s. This is a promo card with the first edition, collector’s edition, and stamped.

Pikachu pokemon card 1995:

The original Pikachu pokemon card 1995 is available on eBay. There are too many cards are available in 1995 but the original card is rare. An interesting fact is that this card is not expensive at all. You can buy this Pikachu pokemon card 1995 for just US $19.90.

pikachu pokemon card

The card is used but still, it is in good condition. Pikachu 1995 is a rare Pikachu pokemon card.

Detective Pikachu pokemon card:

There are a total of 27 detective Pikachu Pokemon cards available. These cards are very interesting by the detective look of Pikachu. The most expensive card in the detective Pikachu pokemon card edition is the Detective Pikachu-Holo whose price is 150 Dollars.

pikachu pokemon card

Flying Pikachu pokemon card:

Flying Pikachu card is not hard to find. You can buy this card for just 9.95 US Dollars. There is also exists a 1995 flying Pikachu pokemon card. The price of this card is 27.98 US Dollars.    

The flying Pikachu Pokémon card was released in Japan in August 2001. 

Fat Pikachu pokemon card:

This is is one of the cool cards on our list. You can buy this card for $90. The Pikachu in this card looks chubby which makes the Pikachu cuter.

This card is also available in the 1995 version whose price is between 1 Dollar to 15,005 Dollars which can be really expensive.

Rainbow Pikachu pokemon card:

pikachu pokemon card

The rainbow Pikachu Pokemon card is also looking like the fat Pikachu but the difference between them is just of color. The fat Pikachu and the rainbow Pikachu are the same cards but the rainbow color makes another card which is called the rainbow Pikachu card.

The most expensive Rainbow Pikachu of 2021 is available for USD 888. This is not a Charizard.

Where to Buy Pikachu Pokemon Cards?

There are too many online stores are available providing you Pikachu pokemon cards at affordable prices. The card could be fake, used, or in a poor condition. The best place to buy Pikachu pokemon cards is eBay. The advantage is that you will find every card of Pikachu on eBay at affordable price and in good condition (if used).

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