How do we Identify Lucky Pals in Palworld?

Welcome, adventurers! If you’re diving into the colorful and dynamic world of Palworld, you’re probably eager to learn all about the different types of Pals you can encounter. In this guide, we’re focusing on the rarest and most coveted Pals of them all: Lucky Pals. These elusive creatures come with unique benefits that can give you an edge in the game. Let’s break down everything you need to know about Lucky Pals, including the easiest and fastest ways to get one yourself.

What Are Lucky Pals?

In Palworld, Pals are categorized into four types:

Normal Pals: These are the most common and can be found everywhere in the wild.

Alpha Pals: Stronger versions of the normal Pals.

Boss Pals: Powerful opponents you can fight in towers.

Lucky Pals: The rarest type with special benefits.

Lucky Pals are akin to shiny versions in other games but with added perks. They undergo multiple changes that enhance their utility, not just a color change. Every Pal, except for Boss Pals, can be Lucky, including Alphas. These rare Pals are larger than their normal counterparts and receive a 15% boost to both damage and work speed. Additionally, Lucky Pals come with a special move typically only obtainable from special fruit trees.


How to Identify and Find Lucky Pals

Identifying a Lucky Pal in the wild is easier than you might think. They emit a bright gold shine and are accompanied by a loud jingle, making them hard to miss if you’re paying attention. However, their rarity makes them challenging to find, with an estimated appearance rate of one every 1,000 Pals or roughly one every 10 hours of gameplay.

Hunting Methods for Lucky Pals

To maximize your chances of encountering a Lucky Pal, follow these strategies:

Method 1: Fast Travel Loop

  1. Fast Travel: Begin by fast traveling to a location with wild Pals.
  2. Search: Look around and listen for the bright gold shine and jingle of a Lucky Pal.
  3. Repeat: If you don’t find one, fast-travel to another location and then return to the original spot. This will despawn the Pals at the first location, giving you a fresh set of spawns.
  4. Flying Mount: Using a flying mount can make this process quicker and more efficient.
  5. Multiple Hunts: Plan multiple hunts in different locations to increase your chances of finding a specific Lucky Pal.

Method 2: Dungeon Respawn Exploit

For those targeting Lucky Alpha Pals, especially in dungeons:

  1. Alpha Respawn: In cave dungeons, reach the room with the Alpha Pal.
  2. Despawn and Respawn: Turn around and leave until the Alpha’s health bar disappears, then return to respawn it. This method will spawn a random Pal.
  3. Consistent Alpha Respawn: If you need the same Alpha to respawn each time, avoid cave dungeons and focus on wild Alphas or those in small teleport rooms.
  4. Title Screen Reset: Some players suggest returning to the title screen and then re-entering the game to reset spawns. While it’s unclear if this changes the Pals, it’s worth trying in arenas that require teleportation.

Hacked Lucky Pals and Bosses

Currently, there are hacks that force a Pal to become Lucky. These Pals will retain all the Lucky traits, but they will be the same size as their normal versions. The same applies to Boss Pals forced to be Lucky—they will have the Lucky logo and skill but remain their usual size.

Breeding two Lucky Bosses typically results in regular Pals with the Lucky skill, but not the rare Lucky Pals you might hope for. Additionally, NPCs can also be made Lucky through cheats, gaining the Lucky stat, but like Bosses, this isn’t normally achievable.

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That wraps up everything you need to know about Lucky Pals in Palworld! Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, understanding and utilizing these rare creatures can significantly enhance your gameplay. If you have any additional tips or tricks, feel free to share them in the comments. Thanks for sticking to the end, and be sure to like and subscribe for more Palworld videos in the future. Have a wonderful day, adventurers!

Last Updated on May 21, 2024

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