Famous Pikachu Evolution | Surprised Pikachu, Shocked, And Shiny

Surprised Pikachu, Shocked Pikachu, and Shiny Pikachu | Your Favorite Pikachu Pokemon Evolution – Pikachu is a fictional character in the pokemon cartoon series. There are about 800+ pokemons are there in the pokemon cartoon.

If you are a cartoon lover, then you must have seen pokemon cartoons because this is one of the best cartoons in cartoon history. There are too many films on pokemonn and Pikachu.

In this article, we are discussing Pikachu especially surprised Pikachu, shocked Pikachu, shiny Pikachu, and Pikachu evolution. Pokemon are of different types and contain different powers and abilities.

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Pikachu pokemon is the most favorite pokemon in the pokemon cartoon. Pikachu came in the first season of pokemon. There is a total of 8 seasons of Pokemon.

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Pikachu is a yellow-colored mouse-like pokemon having a small tail and two prominent red dots on his cheeks. He has electrical abilities. He has a 6 Kg weight and is 0.4 m tall. Lightning Rod is his hidden ability.

Pikachu Evolution:

Pikachu pokemon evaluates only two times. All main Pikachu pokemon games have the same mechanism of Pikachu evolution. While, in some side games and spin-off games, the evolution mechanism is not the same as in the main games.

In the main games, Pikachu requires a thunderstone for his revolution. Without thunderstone, Pikachu evolution is not possible. Pikachu evolution can be done in any generation but you need a thunderstone.

You can use the evolutionary stone at any level you want.

Firstly, “Pichu” is the main character in the game. You require 25 candies for Pikachu evolution to make a “Pikachu”. You need 50 candies to evolve into a “Raichu” after leveling up with high friendship.

3 Stages of Pikachu:

Pickachu evolution takes place in three steps. These three steps are also known as the 3 stages of Pikachu Evolution. Following are the three stages of Pikachu:

  1. #127Pichu (Electric)
  2. #025Pikachu (Electric)
  3. #026Raichu (Electric)

The important fact is that Pikachu’s power remains the same (Electric) even after evolution. Another important fact is that Pikachu’s evolution could be possible without thunderstone in red/blue.

Surprised Pikachu/Shocked Pikachu:

Surprised Pikachu
Source: Seekpng.com

Surprised Pikachu or Shocked Pikachu is just taken as a meme. There are too many memes that have been made on Surprised Pikachu/Shocked Pikachu. If you look at the surprised Pikachu you will also be surprised. Surprised Pikachu/Shocked Pikachu looks very suspicious and interesting.

Now let’s talk about wherefrom the shocked Pikachu came out?

Origin of Surprised Pikachu/Shocked Pikachu:

The amazing fact is that the surprising Pikachu pic which is taken as a meme is the zoomed picture of the real scene. The exact origin of the surprised Pikachu is “pokemon season 1 episode 10 “Bulbasaur and the hidden village”.

Here you can watch the video of that scene where the surprised Pikachu came out. You can also see that the surprised Pikachu picture is the zoom effect of the actual scene:

Shiny Pikachu:

Source: tecake.com

Shiny Pikachu is not so much different from the actual Pikachu. The major difference between them is the shining effect which simple Pikachu doesn’t have and the second difference is the female tails are curved.   

Shiny Pikachu has the same power as a normal pikachu. The rarest shiny pikachu pokemon go is the Shiny detective pikachu as it was never released officially.

Other rarest shiny pikachu pokemon go are given below:

  1. Shiny Pikachu Libre
  2. Every Shiny Pikachu With a Hat
  3. Shiny Rufflet
  4. Shiny Unown

Shiny Pikachu card:

The most common asking price for a shiny pikachu card is $450. You can buy shiny pikachu card on eBay by clicking the link below:

eBay shiny pikachu

Hope you enjoyed this article.

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