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  • Pangolin is a skill game.
  • You need to catch the pangolin with your hands.
  • The pangolin walks in a circle, you must catch it at the right time.
  • You get points for each successful catch


  • The first thing to do is open the app and click on the “Sign In” button. This will take you to a screen where you can enter your username, password and email address.
  • Once logged in, click on “My Account” from the menu bar at the top of your screen. From here, you can access all of your games and settings for each game as well as manage notifications from this page.
  • If there are any problems with signing into or logging into your account (such as being unable to remember how many lives/coins/power ups etc.), make sure that both devices are connected via WIFI or 3G Internet connection before attempting again.

Fish Shooter

Fish Shooter is a free online game that you can play on Skill Machine Net 2022.

Fish Shooter is a fun game for all ages, and it’s available to play on your phone and tablet.

Catch Gold

Catch Gold

In this game, you need to catch the gold that is falling from the sky. When a gold coin falls on the ground, it will turn into a golden coin that can be used as currency in your shop. The more coins you collect and sell them at your shop, the more money you earn!

Planet Gun

Planet Gun is an online shooting game in which you can play with your friends and people all over the world. It’s also available on mobile phones and computers, so if you have one of those, you’ll be good to go!

The game features two modes: “Survival Mode” where players compete against each other to see who will survive longer; and “King of the Hill,” where there are more than 100 different weapons to choose from as well as various environments ( snowy mountains , tropical islands , etc.).

Hit Fish King

Hit Fish King is a game about catching fish. You can play it online for free, on your computer or phone, tablet or smartwatch.

Hit Fish King is an amazing game that will keep you entertained for hours!

Crab Grabber

Crab Grabber is a game where you have to grab as many crabs as possible by moving the crab from one side of the screen to another.

To play this game, you will need:

  • An internet connection (if not playing on mobile)
  • The app for your smartphone or tablet

Egg Shoot Up

Egg Shoot Up is a free online game that allows you to play with your friends and family.In this egg shoot up game, you have to aim at different targets by clicking on them. Each successful hit earns points for every target that was hit, as well as points for every target missed (this includes eggs). The player with the most points wins!

This game teaches children how to concentrate while playing an activity like this one; it also teaches them how important it is not only being accurate but also making sure they aim carefully before firing their shots off into space! This can help them make better decisions later down the road when they’re doing something similar such as schoolwork or homework assignments at home

Fruit King

Fruit King is a fruit-matching game that you can play online. There are many different levels to complete, and the difficulty increases with each level. You have to match 3 or more fruits of the same kind in order to clear them from your board.

Fruit King uses a simple rule: when two identical fruits touch each other, they will be connected by a line so that all their health points increase together (the value for each fruit goes up by 1). Fruits with equal numbers of health points cannot be connected this way, but if there’s no space between them on the board then you can move any pair of fruits together until there’s enough room for another square (or two).

Crazy Monkey

The game is a platformer where you play as an anthropomorphic monkey. There are two modes: the original story mode, which has you jumping between platforms and collecting bananas; and boss battles. Bosses are more difficult than regular enemies because they have special abilities like throwing fireballs or summoning minions to help them fight you! You can also unlock new items to use during battle by finding hidden collectibles throughout each level.

Skill Machine Net 2022 is an online game network from company Bui Phan

Skill Machine Net 2022 is an online game network from Bui Phan. The company was founded in the year of 2018, and has been running its business since then. It has become one of the most popular game networks in Southeast Asia as well as other parts of the world by offering unique games every day at reasonable prices.


The company was founded in 1997 and has been growing steadily since then. It started out with just one game, but it has grown into a network of over 200 games today. This is quite an achievement for any game developer, especially considering that they have been doing this since before the internet was even invented!

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