When Did Dinosaurs Go Extinct | Existence to Extinction!

When did dinosaurs go extinct? Probably one of the most important questions during the discussion of dinosaurs. You might be wondering why did huge animals like dinosaurs become extinct?

There are religious point of view like if we take an example of Islam, According to Quran:

“Every soul shall taste death”

Every living organism will die one day. We know that there is no living thing that can control death or can overcome death. So, the questions like why did huge animals like dinosaurs become extinct are not mysteries.

The main reasons that caused the death of dinosaurs were volcanic eruption, environmental pollution, and the crashing of the big meteorite into the earth.  

For knowing the extinction of any specie, organism, or any other object, it’s important to know the existence of that species, organism, or object.

So, let’s first talk about the existence of the dinosaurs. The method of finding the existence or extinction of a living thing is to study their fossil fuels.

The existence of Dinosaurs:

When Did Dinosaurs Go Extinct | A Quick Journey of Existence to Extinction!
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According to fossil research, the oldest fossils ever found are the fossils of “Nyasasaurus parringtoni” which is around 243 million years old.

So, it is a huge possibility that dinosaurs’ existence belongs to 243 million years ago. Well, there is no exact date of the existence of dinosaurs. Maybe, in the future, researchers and paleontologists will find more old fossils that existed in the Triassic period or before the Triassic period.

Whatever, we can consider that dinosaurs are in the existence from 243 or 233.2 million years ago according to the latest fossils research.

Now it’s time to know when did dinosaurs go extinct. Before knowing the extinction time and events, it is important to know are dinosaurs still alive or all species of dinosaur has been extinct.

Remember, there were around 700 species of dinosaurs. From these 700 species, some died in extinction events and some were survived.

The main species who were survived were crocodiles, lizards, birds, sea turtles, ostriches, sharks, chickens, and snakes. All these are the relatives of dinosaurs, not exact dinosaurs.

So, this is clear that not all dinosaurs go extinct.

When did dinosaurs go extinct:

When Did Dinosaurs Go Extinct | A Quick Journey of Existence to Extinction!
Image taken from bbc.com

There was an extinction event held in the Triassic–Jurassic extinction event in which many of the non-dinosaur species and some dinosaurs died.

Later, in Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event, most of the dinosaur’s species died. The Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event was the greatest extinction event of dinosaurs.

The event was held 66 million years ago.

In this extinction event, many other animal species died. In the cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event, a giant asteroid collided with earth. During the collision, most of the dinosaur’s species died.

It is also narrated that if that asteroid got late for only 30 seconds to hit the earth then the dinosaur might be living with us in the current era.

Now, we know when did dinosaurs go extinct.

The asteroid or comet that hit the earth was landed in the ocean. Due to crashing in the ocean, many of the dinosaurs that were living in oceans like Mosasaurus and Basilosaurus was also died.           

According to some recent studies, the asteroid hit the earth in June. All these researches that have been done by researches are done by studying fossil fuels.

You will be shocked after hearing that scientists are desiring a time machine to go to the past and find the pieces of evidence and understand all the details. Scientists are also hopeful to recreate the extinct species by Cloning. These are some extraordinary desires of researchers.

Will scientists and researchers be able to create these types of technologies? Nobody has the answer to this question but now you have the answer to this question “when did dinosaurs go extinct?”

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Last Updated on August 23, 2023

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