How Old is God? A Chilling Question In Every Religion

It’s important to know what is true god and what are the powers of a god. Let me explain this statement in the whole article. I will also explain how old is god and what religions and holy books say about this statement. We will take a look at God’s age according to the Holy Books.

So, be with us to get the information about the age of God (The Ultimate Creator). 

Before we move on to god’s age, I think it is my responsibility to introduce you to the Ultimate God who is the creator of Creation.

Who is God?

God is a being that is beyond our imagination. We can’t even think about the existence of God. We just know that God exists and our God is Allah Almighty. We as Muslims, now that Allah Almighty has created stars, suns, galaxies, planets, humans, animals, fishes, and all the living creatures within the universe. 

And if there is something outside of the universe or parallel universe, then that is also the creation of Allah Almighty. 

The Ultimate Creator:

God is the Ultimate Creator. I am not going outside of the topic which is how old is god. I am coming to the answer with simple explanations. Let me explain. God is the creator of everything. To make it simple, God is the creator of creation. Each and everything that you see around you or just feel or have heard about belongs to Allah Almighty because all these things are the creation of God. 

Feelings are also the creation of God. Strength, value, power, good and bad, success, and time are also created by Allah Almighty. So, when the time was created by Allah Almighty then, why did even this question  “how old is god” come into existence?

How old is god?

Let me explain. First of all, God has no age. God has created everything including time. So, when the time is created by God then why are you asking what is the age of god? Does it sound like a stupid question? Yes, it is. 

We represent the age of something according to time. So, when the time is the creation of god, then the question “how old is god” doesn’t make sense. 

 This is teh answer to your questions. However, who created the god or how long the god has been in existence, these questions are also asked by many people. Even religious people ask this question. Many people feel bad to think about these questions. However, it is better to have a good understanding instead of getting rid of these questions. 

Question and Answer About God’s Existence:

God is Eternal. God is always here. God never dies or gets old. He is from the start and will be three till always. 

For example, in Surah Al-Ikhlas (Chapter 112), it is stated that Allah is 

“Absolute, Eternal” (Quran 112:2). 

This signifies His timeless and unchanging nature. 

Additionally, Surah Al-Hadid (Chapter 57) discusses Allah’s attributes and might, highlighting that He is the First and the Last (Quran 57:3), which further emphasizes his eternal existence.


So is it the answer that God has no age? Yes, God has no age. God is Eternal. Allah Almighty has created the whole universe and we are also the creation of Allah. Time is also the creation of Allah and God is here even before time. So, the question, how old is gold, doesn’t make sense. Hope you have found the answer to your question.  

If your mind thinks about this kind of question a lot then make sure to have proper guidance from a good Islamic scholar. 

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Last Updated on August 25, 2023

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