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Welcome to Postmaniac, where we showcase the most amazing and awe-inspiring records from around the world. Guinness World Records is the ultimate authority on record-breaking achievements and has been capturing the imagination of people everywhere.

Today, we bring you a list of the top 10 Guinness World Records that are sure to leave you in disbelief and awe. From the fattest person to the oldest tree in the world, these records showcase the limits of human capability and the incredible things that people can achieve when they set their minds to it.

Explanation of the focus on the top 10 Guinness World Records

Postmaniac blogs always keep their readers engaged with mind-boggling information all around the world and keep the interest of viewers, the Guinness world records are one way to feature detailed records of ongoing events in the world. And that’s where we came up with the idea of the top 10 Guinness world records by Postmaniac.

The History of Guinness World Records

Flower of Guinness book of world records blossomed back in the 1950s when Sir Beaver argued the fastest game bird in an event hosted in County Wexford but he failed to find any reference in books.

And the argument once held by Beaver is now in the shape of an organization with over $ 7 million. Brand ambassadors of the Guinness book of world records are all around the globe. The most sought mission of this organization is to feature the miracles in the world that are yet to be discovered. That’s where postmaniac also plays a role to promote the research full information on our blog.

Whether it’s the fattest person in the world or the strongest bull, grab a bowl of snacks, and let’s dive into the list of top impressive Guinness Records.

Top 10 Most Impressive Guinness World Records by Postmaniac

1. The Fattest Person in the world

The Fattest Person in the world

Jon Brower Minnoch holds the title of the fattest person in the Guinness book of world records. As featured by post maniac, he holds more than 1400 pounds of overwhelming weight. In addition to the records he holds, it’s not a blessing for him but he suffered from a rare condition morbid obesity which makes him unresponsive to even day-to-day tasks. 

But what do you say to a person who just fights it to last and strives to fight for his life? That’s where Minnoch comes, despite suffering from extreme obesity, he tries his fullest to remain positive and hopeful. His willpower and bravery are examples of people all around the world fighting extreme obesity and health conditions.

2. The Tallest Person in the world

The Tallest Person in the world

The record of the tallest person in the world is held by Robert Wadlow with an unbelievable height of 8 feet 11 inches. He died in 1940. Wadlow got famous when he was hired by a shoe company that made specially designed shoes for his feet. He traveled to many countries as a brand ambassador for this company. 

But he suffered from a rare disease known as gigantism, which led to excessive growth hormone. Despite having a monstrous height, he was well-liked by those who knew him for his gentle and friendly behavior. Postmaniac has also recorded the tallest person in the world in 2021 which is no doubt Sultan Kosen featured by Guinness World Records.

3. The Strongest Man in the world

The Strongest Man in the world

Louis Cyr is the strongest man in the world ever lived. Lifting 227 kg (500 pounds) with one finger has given him the title of the strongest man.

Louis Cyr was born in Canada on October 10, 1863. Cyr was born different from others as his body size was huge. Louis was a real giant. The weight of Cry was 365 pounds while their height was 5 ft and 8.5 inches.

There is a world strongest man competition which is held every year, MARIUSZ PUDZIANOWSKI has won 5 times the World Strongest competition as featured by Guinness World Records.

4. Shortest Woman in the World

Shortest Woman in the World

Having a shocking height of 24.7cm, Jyoti Amge is recognized by Guinness world records as the shortest woman living. She was born in 1993 in India. After her 18th birthday, she got the official world record for the shortest woman, previously she held the record for the shortest teenager in the world.

5. Smallest Dog in the world

Smallest Dog in the world

The Smallest Dog in the world titled to Guinness World Records is given to the breed “Chihuahua”. Having an average height of 7 inches, these dogs are much smaller compared to other breeds. They have a typical weight of 3-6 pounds. 

Being small dogs they are specially referred to as a companion for children and that’s not what adults don’t like. Chihuahuas are small, innocent, and bold dogs. Their beautiful and bold physique is another wonder of nature.

6. Oldest Tree in the world

Oldest Tree in the world

 Great Basin Bristlecone Pine is the world’s oldest tree being more than 5000 years old. It is located in the White Mountains of California, United States. The other name for this tree is “ Methuselah”. From dawn to dusk, the pines of this tree suffered from harsh environmental conditions over years but Methuselah is still standing like a long-lasting warrior.

7. Fastest Car in the World

 Fastest Car in the World

As reported in 2021, Bugatti is considered to be the fastest car company. Of all of the models, Bugatti Chiron is the fastest car. In this list, Bugatti Chiron holds the second fastest car in the world position. Bugatti can reach a peak speed of 304 mph (489 kilometers per hour) with 1,577 horsepower.

 Bugatti can reach from 0-60 mph within 2.6 seconds. Bugatti can get 12 mph speed in 5.8 seconds and in 12.1 seconds, it can reach up to 186 mph which is mind-blowing.

8. Fastest Animal in the world

Fastest Animal in the world

Peregrine Falcon is the fastest animal in the Guinness Book of world records. Reaching 240mph while diving to catch its prey, is just normal for this falcon. 

Peregrine Falcon is not a rare bird, but it is found on almost every continent. We can make an exception to Antarctica for such animals. Peregrine is the natural bird of prey, and with its incredible speed and agility, there is less chance for its prey to get out of its sight.

9. Biggest Bull in the World

 Biggest Bull in the World

Donetto is a Chianina bull having a record-breaking weight of 1740kg. With the massive growth of 190cm. Chianina bulls are famous for having overwhelming weight and growth. Donettor is counted as to be the biggest Chianina ever encountered. But it died years ago. According to the Guinness World records report in 2021, the largest bull in the world is in Chile.

10. Biggest Dog in the World

Biggest Dog in the World

English Mastiff is the biggest dog in the world as by Guinness Records. According to the Guinness world records, the tallest dog in the world is Great Dane named Zeus with a height of 44 inches.

Zeus lived in Otsego, Michigan USA. The great Dane breed is known for there massive height and weight. But Zeus is recognized as the world’s tallest dog.

The Making of a Guinness World Record

To ensure the validity and fairness of each record, Guinness World records has strict guidelines which have to be followed for every record which is yet to be featured. Proper investigation is held on a step-wise phase to record. Some of these are listed below:

  • Choose a category: There are a hundred niches to choose from including athletics feats to creative pursuits.
  • Research existing records: Previous benchmarks are considered as the highest score for any record which is to be broken for a new record and to get a sense of expectation.
  • Apply to Guinness World Records: A proper application must be submitted to the Guinness World Records page after the proper record. The application must include evidence and authentic information.
  • Plan and prepare: Once the team has approved, there must be a reattempt to ensure the record. It’s time for the candidate to gather supplies and everything he needs to reattempt.
  • Attempt the record: The actual attempt is done under the supervision of Guinness World Records professional. He/she ensures the fairness and credibility of the record. All attempts are done under the given guidelines.


The significance of Guinness World Records lies in the impact they have on society. These records inspire people to push the boundaries of what is possible and to strive for greatness in their own lives

Postmaniac has featured some truly amazing Guinness World Records that showcase the limitless potential of human abilities and imagination. From the heaviest person in recorded history to the tallest, the world records featured on Postmaniac highlight the diversity and variety of categories that exist within the Guinness World Records.

Last Updated on February 4, 2023

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