Biggest Dog in the World | 6 Biggest Dog Breeds

Biggest Dog in the World could frighten you if it comes in front of you. There are almost 200 breeds of dogs yet. Some of the dogs are small, some large, some of them are relatively big from others. Here in this article, we are telling you about 10 biggest dog breeds that are very frightening.

The biggest dog in the world is from one of the biggest dog breeds.

Fist talk about top 5 biggest dog breeds in the world then we will discuss and find the biggest dog in the world.

Biggest Dog Breeds:

Following are top 10 dog breeds where we later find the biggest dog in the world:

English Mastiff:


No doubt, English Mastiff is the largest dog breed according to their height. This dog breed is referred largest as a Mastiff by National Kennel Clubs, United Kingdom’s Kennel Club and Federation Cynologique International (National Kennel Clubs).

Dogs from this breed has big heads, limited colors and black skin on face like a face mask. An amazing fact is that these giant dogs are naturally lovely dogs. You don’t        have to afraid from these dogs. The origin of this breed is England.

The biggest dog in the world from this breed was Aicama Zobra which was 8 ft 3 in long. The weight was 343 pounds.

Great Dane:


Any dog of Great Danes breed can be considered to the one of the biggest dog in the world. Great Dane usually adopt for hunting wild boras and as a guardian. They are not large but very tall. They are very sensitive in case of protecting their owner and their family members. Great Dane is also lovely and loyal dogs like Mastiffs,

Saint Bernard:


Saint Bernard is a very lovely dog breed. Their maximum size is from 28 to 35 inches. They look very attractive and adaptive from their cute faces. They are also known as very large working dogs. Most of these dogs are used for rescue purposes. They are also used to rescue other dogs.

They originate from Switzerland.  They had a life span of 8-10 years. A dog of this breed is also one of the biggest dog in the world.

Irish wolfhound:


Irish wolfhound has a very old history and literature. They are used as guardians. They are 32-34 inches in length and minimum 54.5 kg in weight. They had a long and very muscular neck. They are classified as a long dog breed. They are capable of hunting a wolf. They are eye-catching companions.

They have hairs over their eyes. Their ancestors belong to the ancient times. They first gained popularity in 15th Century.

Scottish Deerhound:

Scottish Deerhound - Description, Energy, Health, Interesting Facts

Scottish Deerhound is a very large dog breed of hound. They mostly found in grey or blue-grey colors. The minimum height is 76cm while the weight of an adult dog is 45 kg. They have dark, hazel or dark brown eyes. Deerhound has a long flat skull. This breed belongs to Scotland.

Dogs from this breed are very friendly. They had hairs their eyes which gives them a unique look.

Neapolitan Mastiff:


Neapolitan Mastiff is very different from other breeds of dogs. They are not so lovely in nature. They could be aggressive for unknown dogs. They look sad in appearance. The had a bulky skin on their face which covers their mouth and eyes. Neapolitan belongs to Italy. Neapolitan is also considered one of the biggest dogs in the world.     

Which is the biggest dog in the world?

The biggest dog in the world in length ever recorded is English Mastiffs. English Mastiffs is the biggest dog in the world. Whenever you got a chance to see this biggest dog in the world, don’t be afraid. This dog will not harm you.

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Last Updated on November 16, 2022

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