Tallest Person In The World 2021 | Top 10 List!

Nature has never been less fascinated and always a new wonder that leaves us amazed. And so the tallest person in the world is also featured in this list. These records are featured in Guinness World records.

You might be wondering, who was the tallest person in the history of humankind, and who is the living world’s tallest man today? 

In this guide, we’ve featured the top 10 tallest person in the world ever recorded in the Guinness world records and who is the tallest man living in 2021!

Who is the tallest person living in 2021?

Tallest Person In The World living

Image Taken from Guinness World Records

Sultan Kösen, a farmer from Turkey is keeping the record for the tallest person in the world still living. He was born on 10th December 1982 in Mardin, A city in southern Turkey. In actuality, Sultan Kosen’s growth was actually due to a condition of gigantism and acromegaly, caused by a tumor. 

Kosen was measured over 8ft holding a record of 8ft 2.8 in estimated to be 251 cm beating the record of the tallest man in the world height: 2021 7ft 8.95 inch on 09 February 2011, Who was Xi Chun. 

Not only his overall height but Sultan Kosen also holds the record for largest hands in the world which was 11.22 on each hand. 

At the time, he was invited to the Guinness World Records. He said: “I never imagined I would be in the book, I dreamed about it, but it was still a huge surprise”. 

Sultan also held the record for the largest feet on a living person…On asked about the pros & cons of his extreme height, he said: “I want what everyone else wants. A wife, a family, a nice home. I’d also like the chance to find some decent clothes that fit! I’ve already had a suit made for me, and at least one dream has come true: I now own a pair of jeans made especially!”.

Merve Dibo who was the first marriage of Sultan, the pair got separated in 2021 mainly the reason for communication gap as claimed by Sultan.

Tallest Person Living In the World 2021 – Measurements 

NameCountryRecord DateHeight (Cm)Height (ft in)Previous Record
Sultan KösenTurkey09 FEBRUARY 20112518ft 2.5inXi Shun

Sultan Kosen might be the tallest living person but someone in history measured taller than sultan kosen. But he was the one that was recorded tallest in over 20 years of Guinness World Records.

Who is the tallest man ever? 

Tallest Person In The World

Image Taken From Guinness World Records

According to medical history, the tallest person ever recorded was Robert Wadlow back on 27 June 1940. He was measured to be 8ft 11.1 in. He died in the 1940s, You can also check how did robert wadlow die.

Tallest Man Ever  – Measurements 

NameCountryRecord DateHeight (Cm)Height (ft in)Previous Record
Robert Wadlow United States27 June 19402728ft 11.1 inJohn Rogan 

Below we have the list of the top 10 tallest person in the world in the history of humankind featured with country and measurements.

Top 10 Tallest Humans Ever Recorded

#NameCountryHeight (Cm)Height (ft in)DOBDOD
1Robert Wadlow US2728ft 11.1 in19181940
2John RoganUS2678ft 9in18681905
3John F. CarrollUS263.58ft 7.75in19321969
4Franz WinkelmeierAustrian Empire2598ft 6in18601887
5Al TomainiUS2548ft 3in19121962
6Edouard BeaupreCanada251.48ft 3in18811904
7Väinö MyllyrinneFinland251.48ft 3in19091963
8Sultan KösenTurkey2518ft 2.8in1982living
9Don Koehler (The tallest person for most of the 1970s)US248.98ft 2in19251981
10Bernard CoyneUS248.38ft 1.7in18971921

Data is taken from Wikipedia

Jinnat Ali, Leonid Stadynk, and Julius Koch are not listed because they’re not officially recognized by Guinness World Records. 

The top 10 tallest men related to 100 years back but none of them did break the record of Wadlow. And for now, the title of the tallest person living in the world in 2021 is held by Sultan Kosen.

Who is the tallest person living in 2022?

Sultan Kösen is the 7th verified tallest person living in 2022. He’s now 39 years old but still holding the record for the tallest man living at the height of 2.51m. And if we talk about the tallest girl in 2022, Rumeysa Gelgi holding the 5 awards according to Guinness World Records is the tallest woman living in 2022. She heigh it 2.15m and she was born on January 1, 1997.

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Last Updated on November 16, 2022

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