Who was the Biggest Dinosaur? Top 5 List

Dinosaurs were of different types. Some were small some were big. Here we will introduce you to the biggest dinosaur ever and 5 other biggest dinosaurs that come after the first.

You might be wondering what dinosaur was the biggest? Here we will tell you about the biggest dinosaur and also the other 5 biggest dinosaurs in the world.

Before going on the list, let us tell you some facts and information about dinosaurs and discoveries. All the discoveries that have been made by dinosaurs are based on fossil fuels research and discoveries.

We know that dinosaurs have gone extinct 66 million years ago. Not a single human has seen dinosaurs. Scientists have discovered fossil fuels of various dinosaurs and are still working and searching for more. Roughly, 700 species of dinosaurs have been discovered and named. 

From all these dinosaurs’ fossils, scientists found as many fossils as they can to create and find the complete structure of each dinosaur to find what dinosaur was the biggest that has ever lived on the Earth.

According to the data that has been collected by various scientists, paleontologists, and researchers, below is the biggest dinosaur and the list of other biggest dinosaurs.

What dinosaur was the biggest?

Who was the Biggest Dinosaur? Top 5 List
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According to the latest available fossils research, the biggest dinosaur that has ever lived was “Barosaurus lentus” with 125 feet in height. These dinosaurs’ fossils were found in South Dakota and Utah. According to researchers, this dinosaur has lived 155 million years ago.

The most important thing to know about the biggest dinosaur is that most of their body parts were small. The dinosaur is classified as the biggest dinosaur due to its neck’s length.

By measuring the full length of Barosaurus lentus, the height becomes 125 feet and its weight becomes 44,000 tons.

The interesting thing is that the Barosaurus lentus was a herbivore which means he was a plant-eater dinosaur. They mostly have lived near rivers.

The biggest dinosaur Barosaurus lentus can also be seen in various movies.

List of other 4 biggest Dinosaurs:

Here is the list of further 5 biggest dinosaur that comes after Barosaurus lentus.

Supersaurus vivianae:

Who was the Biggest Dinosaur? Top 5 List
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The fossils were discovered in Portugal. According to experts, the average weight of Supersaurus vivianae was 80,000 which is more than Barosaurus. The height is considered 107 feet long. The dinosaur has lived 153 million years ago.

Like Barosaurus, Supersaurus vivianae was also a plat eater. Supersaurus vivianae also lived near rivers.

Bruhathkayosaurus matleyi:

Who was the Biggest Dinosaur? Top 5 List
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Bruhathkayosaurus matleyi comes after Supersaurus. The maximum height according to fossils is measured as 112 feet. The dinosaur has lived 70 million years ago.

According to experts, the weight of Bruhathkayosaurus matleyi was about 160,000 tons which is double then a Supersaurus. Bruhathkayosaurus matleyi was also a plant-eater dinosaur.

Argentinosaurus huinculensis:

Who was the Biggest Dinosaur? Top 5 List
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Argentinosaurus huinculensis was another biggest dinosaur with an incredible length of 108 feet. The average weight of an Argentinosaurus huinculensis is considered as 132,000 Pounds.

It is important to tell you that scientists have not found all the fossils of this dinosaur. So, it is difficult to explain the exact measurements and statics of this dinosaur. Well, in the list of the biggest dinosaurs, Argentinosaurus huinculensis holds the fourth position.

Maraapunisaurus fragillimus:

Who was the Biggest Dinosaur? Top 5 List
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Maraapunisaurus fragillimus is one of the most amazing, biggest, and most mysterious dinosaurs. Most of its fossils have been lost so it is hard to tell the exact measurements. However, scientists believe that the Maraapunisaurus fragillimus was 105 feet long and 300,00 pounds in weight.

I hope you have now understood what dinosaur was the biggest. According to current fossil research, Barosaurus lentus is the biggest dinosaur in the world.

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