Seven Reasons Why You Should Try to Learn Uncommon Instruments

Did you know that the hydraulophone is the rarest instrument played around the globe? 

The hydraulophone is an acoustic instrument that creates music by touching jets that release small amounts of water. This instrument, and many others, won’t be found in the band room at school because so few people know how to play them. 

If you’re interested in gaining a new skill, a rare instrument could put you on a path to success. Keep reading to discover the benefits of playing uncommon instruments so you don’t feel guilty about the investment! 

1. Playing Can Relieve Stress

One of the most beneficial reasons to learn uncommon instruments is to relieve stress.

Focusing on a new activity can be helpful for people with anxiety or increased stress. Not only does focusing help people calm down, but the music can as well. Many people play and listen to music because the sounds can trigger certain emotions. 

You can express yourself by playing a new instrument and even adding some meaningful lyrics to the notes. Slow music is often the most soothing, but you should follow your instincts to see what genre and tempo you resonate with the most. 

Depending on the song and instrument, you can reduce your heart rate and blood pressure. Stress hormones will also decrease as you gain more confidence and explore new sounds. 

2. You’ll Stand Out

How many people do you know that play the bouzouki or mandolin?

Playing rare instruments can help you stand out in the music industry, especially when it’s over-saturated. You can find a bouzouki for sale or try another instrument filled with unique sounds and characters. When the audience hears and sees a different instrument, they’re more likely to listen for a few moments. 

Some bands incorporate rare instruments so they can fall into a certain genre of music. You can get creative and use these instruments in unconventional ways and discover the possibilities with each note you play! 

3. Your Social Circle Will Grow

Whether you sign up for guitar lessons or play your instrument at an open mic night, you’ll gain new friends with a common interest.

The music industry might be competitive, but there are always other people looking for band additions and friends. Networking in the industry can help you become more successful, but you’ll naturally build your social circle as you play in public or online. 

Groupies, fans, and friends will come out to support you on big shows. If you struggle to make friends and have a rare instrument, you could even find people playing the same thing and learn tips from them. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, especially when there are so many talented musicians to learn from!

4. Your Brain Will Be Sharper 

Regular music lessons and practice can work areas of your brain that you don’t normally use. 

Your brain will expand as you uncover the sounds of each instrument and it’ll help your cells make connections. People that play instruments are better in the classroom as opposed to non-playing peers. 

When you play an instrument, your brain cells become stimulated. These functions improve memory and reasoning, which can be useful for people that are showing signs of cognitive issues. 

Playing an instrument also involves a lot of skills because you have to multitask. Playing often can improve your brain and help you better retain information.

5. Increase Your Confidence

The more opportunities you give yourself to learn something, the higher you can build your self-esteem. 

A lot of people feel a sense of achievement when they take up a new instrument. When you don’t know how to do something, practice, and end up accomplishing it, it can give you more confidence. You won’t need to rely on other people telling you your value because you will already know what you’re capable of. 

Learning how to play an instrument will be a process. There will be difficult moments, but if you endure them, you will feel proud of yourself. 

6. Your Patience Will Develop

There’s a good reason no one knows how to play the Toha or Pikasso Guitar.

Both of these instruments, along with the Great Stalacpipe Organ are difficult to learn. You will make a lot of mistakes on your instrumental journey, but if you stick with it, the results are worth the effort. Each time you go back to your instrument, even when you want to give up, you improve your patience. 

There’s no shortcut or easy way to learn how to play. The most successful musicians are the most dedicated and patient. 

7. It’ll Improve Your Self-Discipline 

Growing up is exciting, but much like becoming an adult and learning an instrument, you need to be disciplined. 

Playing rare, or even common instruments can help you develop time-management skills. Accountability will also develop as you practice. If you aren’t dedicated to your instrument, you won’t remember the things you learned. 

Take your time and be kind to yourself. When you’re aware of your abilities and accomplishments, it’s easier to put difficult tasks into perspective. 

Become Inspired with Uncommon Instruments

Each instrument will come with challenges, which is why you need to find one that inspires you to play. 

Playing uncommon instruments can work your brain and improve your social life. No matter what instrument you pick up, you will join a community of other players, where you can make friends and learn. You don’t have to be a natural to become a musician, with enough practice, you can reach your goals and the stage. 

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Last Updated on February 21, 2023

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