Who is the Smartest Person in the World?

In this world, not everyone is smart but some people have smart minds and god-gifted intelligence. And that intelligence can be measured in different manners, some people have master mind special abilities which may be physical, mental, sharp thinking, and mathematical solution analysis.

 But there is a big fact most of the educated persons discussed in their meetings that intelligence comes with education and age, these statistics are wrong.

The smartest person in the world

There are many smart and intelligent people in history like Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, etc. But in our history, the smartest person in the world is Stephen Hawking who died on March 14, 2018, in Cambridge, United Kingdom. His IQ level is about 160 to 170 in his life.

RankNameOccupationEstimated IQ Score
1Terence TaoMathematician230-240
2Marilyn Vos SavantAuthor and columnist228
3Christopher HirataAstrophysicist225
4Kim Ung-YongCivil engineer210
5Edith Stern200
6Magnus CarlsenChess player190
7Garry KasparovChess grandmaster190
8Rick RosnerTV writer and producer192
9Evangelos KatsioulisPsychiatrist198
10Judit PolgarChess grandmaster170-190

The smartest person in the world 2021  

In 2021, Stephen Hawking, his full name Stephen William Hawking is English (TPH), the author of the Centre of the Theoretical Cosmology, a researcher at the University of Cambridge.

He was born on January 8, 1942, and studied at Oxford University in the United Kingdom. He has Three Offspring Lucy, Robert, and Timothy Hawking. Jane Hawking was the wife of Mr. Hawking and she died in 1995. After Stephen hawking wife’s death, he lived for many years but on March 14, 2018, he expired dismally.

The smartest person in the world 2022

There are many smart and intelligent people in our history but now we are talking about the latest and updated smartest person lies in the current year I mean to say in 2022. In that year the lady got this record according to the database (NCA), Marilyn Vos Savant is a Writer and Author with a net worth of $15 to $16 billion.

It’s fascinating that the Guinness book of world records did not record the top people with high IQs but you can check the top 10 Guinness world records on postmaniac.

Marilyn Vos Savant

  She has the sharpest mind and the smartest person in our current database, she was born in ST Louis  which is a major city in Missouri  near to Mississippi River . she is famous for being her One-Time Guinness Book of World Records holder of the highest

IQ level ever recorded, she write a book “Ask Marilyn” and being popular in this magazine in 1986. And she is also a member of the Playwright department.

Marilyn’s Biography & Early Life

She is living at age of 76 years, born on August  11, 1946. When she was just 10 years old, she holds an IQ level of 228 that is astonished her.

Well, I want to say mostly famous people essentially dropped out from institutions, Marilyn also dropped out from Washington University in St. Louis to help with her family business. Before being a famous lady she has an IQ level of 228.

Marilyn Family Life

Her non-native parents were German and  Italian when was born Marilyn Mach in ST. Louis, Missouri. Marilyn was first married at the age of 16 year old. After her 1st husband’s death, 2nd marriage was not reliable for her due to some personal issues it was not long-lasting.

Her 3rd husband was the innovator of the artificial Heart, her husband’s name was Robert Jarvik.

The smartest person in the World still in 2023

At age of 10 years old, she got the title “The smartest person in the world” with her score of IQ level 228 on the given Stand ford –Benet Test. After getting this title she has a dream of being a Writer and then she started writing books and published several books and still writes a weekly column for Parade Magazine.

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