4 Fashionable Ideas for Female Viking Costumes

Do you imagine a day that’s full of adventure, exploration, and even a little bit of plundering? Do you want to take a trip back in time and see what it was like to be an ancient Viking? Then it’s time to make your fantasies a reality!

By creating a costume, you can bring a Viking cosplay or theme into a new age of glory and style. You can also take this opportunity to stand out at any cosplay events or parties you may attend.

But what does a Viking costume look like, and how can you make a Viking costume for woman and even kids stand out? Keep reading to find out!

1. Be Bold and Invest in Statement Bronze Armor

Not only will the armor provide the necessary protection, but it also pays homage to the old Viking traditions of strength and resilience. Opt for an authentic helmet with a large nose guard and sturdy shoulder guards. Match the armor with a bronze shield and sword, or go for a classic iron helmet.

Layer a long-sleeved, woolen tunic either over or under the armor for added protection as well as style. Consider exciting hues for the tunic but keep it traditional with leather straps and wooden clasps.

2. Captivate in a Burgundy Leather Gown

This look encompasses the contemporary feel of the Viking era with a modern touch of luxury. The Burgundy leather gown is the perfect choice for a female Viking character. This gown will captivate others with a daring look of style and boldness.

The tight fit of the dress gives a curve-hugging style, and the soft leather feel adds a touch of elegance to your costume. Pair the gown with a Viking long cape for added authenticity, and you will be ready to complete your transformation into a fierce female warrior. You may want to check the website with Viking clothes to see more that suit your needs.

3. Incorporate Geometric Design and Animal Prints

Geometric designs are one way to update these traditional costumes. They bring an element of the modern world yet it has the potential to link with the Viking era. Animal print accents for the garments and accessories can be added for a more fashionable edge too.

This type of flashy style could include intricate cheetah prints for cloaks, leopard prints for tunics, zebra prints for boots, or tiger stripes on leather bracers. Other options include pairing the geometric designs with animal prints, adding subtle accents of faux fur, or layering different animal-themed prints throughout different pieces of the costume.

4. Hair and Footwear to Finish Off Your Female Viking Look

When it comes to hair and footwear for an authentic female Viking style, long blonde braids are essential. Accessorize with a faux fur headpiece, braid extensions, and even horns for an extra fierce look.

Viking-style boots in tan or brown leather can add to the look, as can more traditional footwear such as sandals, moccasins, or fur-lined boots. For a modern twist, you may opt for contemporary footwear such as combat boots or Doc Marten-style boots. 

Invest in Viking Costume for Woman

A Viking costume for woman can be stylish and empowering. Choose from the varied and fabulous options above to create the perfect look.

Regardless of whether you stay resplendent in luxurious fabrics or ready for battle in warrior gear, you’ll look like you stepped right out of a Viking saga. Get creative and have fun with it!

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Last Updated on February 20, 2023

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