Jake Paul Net Worth 2022 | All You Want to Know Professional Boxer

According to 2022 stats, Jake Paul net worth got a rapid boost than the net worth in 2021. Jake Paul is a multitalented person. His source of income doesn’t depend on only one source. 

Jake Paul has earned so much money and fame. Jake Paul is a public figure. Here in this article, we will talk all about Jake Paul, his life, career, and also Jake Paul net worth.


Born in Cleveland, U.S. He was born in June 1997.  Jake Paul is a boxer, YouTuber, Rapper, and Social Media Influencer.

Gregory Allan Paul is the father of Jake Paul and Logan Paul is the brother. His dad was a licensed retailer and commercial roofer.

Logan Paul is also a YouTuber.

In his childhood, Jake was neither rich nor poor. Jake was living in a large house with a massive garage in his childhood. In his school life, Jake was considered a bully.


Jake Paul started his career as a public figure by posting shorts on Vine. Vine at that time was a social media platform where you could post short videos of 6 seconds. Vine app is under the control of Twitter. Twitter owned this app for $30 billion.

Twitter owned this app in October 2012 while released on January 24, 2013. Jake Paul became famous on Vine.

Jake Paul got the attention of many controversies by his sexual behavior, and risky stunts. He got around 5.3 million followers and got very popular.

Jake Paul on YouTube:

Jake Paul YouTube Channel

Jake Paul Joined YouTube on Sep 20, 2013. Jake Paul first uploaded his YouTube video which was the mixture of his Vine shorts. Then he started creating Vlogging. He also created many pranks.

Jake Paul is a very interesting YouTuber by his funny and awesome pranks on YouTube.

Jake Paul has now got 20.4 million subscribers and 7,145,399,036 views on YouTube. Jake Paul earned $10 to $20 million in one year. Jake Paul net worth was not enough for Jake. 

Boxing Career:

Jake Paul Boxing
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Jake Paul started his boxing career in August 2018. The first boxing fight was between YouTuber Deji Olatunji and Jake Paul.

He defeated Deji Olatunji and this was the first success of Jake Paul. In his whole boxing career, Jake Paul has played five matches with 5 won, 0 losses, and 0 draws. This is a great success for a boxer. In all matches, Jake Paul played well.

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Jake Paul also uploads his boxing videos on YouTube. He also tells beginner boxers all about boxing.

In an interview, Jake has told that he is not generating more revenue from YouTube. He wants to leave his YouTube career of boxing because they have defeated McGregor which was the toughest and challenging boxer in their thought.

They want to leave boxing videos because no professional boxer has remained to defeat.


Jake Paul Music
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Paul started his music career in 2017 by releasing his first song with Team 10. The song was “It’s Everyday Bro”. Paul began to focus more on his music career. In his entire life, Paul released a total of 32 songs.

Jake Paul has also collaborated with Drake.

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The Music career is an important factor for increasing Jake Paul net worth.

Jake Paul Wife:

Paul started dating an American YouTuber. In 2019, Paul and Tana announced their wedding news. Their fans were not believing that they both are engaged. In 2020, both announced their breakup. 

Jake Paul Net Worth 2022:

Now, let’s talk about Jake Paul net worth. According to 2022 stats, Jake Paul net worth is $30 million. While in 2021, Jake Paul net worth was around $17 million.

Paul has gained many fans through social media. Social Media career is the main reason for Paul’s popularity.

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Last Updated on November 17, 2022

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