Drake Net Worth 2021 | All about your Favorite Rapper

No doubt, Drake is one of the most famous rappers and singers all around the world. It’s important to know Drake net worth if you love drake’s songs.

Drake has earned so much fame and money throughout his career. Here we will talk about Drake net worth, Career, and Awards, etc.


Aubrey Drake Graham is a well-known rapper, actor, and singer of Canada. Drake was born on October 24, 1986 in Canada.

Due to his American father, Drake has also American citizenship. Drake grew up with Jewish culture in Forest Hill. When Drake was 5 years old, Drake’s mother got divorced. Drake’s mother took care of drake.

Drake net worth is unbelievable if it compares to their childhood lifestyle. They lived a poor life in their childhood. 

Drake learned arts from Collegiate Institute. In school life, Drake was dropped out of school but in October 2021, he got his High School diploma.  


He started his career after dropping out of school. Drake joined Degrassi (Canadian Drama Series). He started a career in acting. After working in Degrassi for seven years, Drake quit his acting career to work on music.


Through his acting career, Drake built a good reputation. In his music career, he started his hip-hop music. He released two albums (Room for Improvement and Comeback Season), The comeback season includes his first music video, “Replacement Girl” which was featured in 106 & Park.

Drake net worth was not significant in 208 as a rapper. He grew his career by recording music with Lil Wayne on a guest tour (arranged by Lil Wayne).

“So Far Gone” is his third mixtape which Drake released in 2009. After this, Drake thought to release his full studio album. Drake released Thank me Later in 2021. This mixtape was the biggest boost in his career which received was certified as Platinum. 


Awards are a great boost for Drake net worth. Throughout his career, Drake was nominated for many awards. Here are the awards which Drake won: 

Drake2015Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Artist
What a Time to Be Alive (Mixtape)2016Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Album
Work (With Rihanna)2016Favorite Soul/R&B Song
Hotline Bling (Drake’s Song)2016Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Song
Drake2017Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Artist
Drake2021Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Male Artist

These are the prominent awards. Throughout his life, Drake has won 51 awards. 

Marriage Status:

Even at the age of 35, Drake is not married yet. Drake is one of the best single rappers. Although Drake has 74 girlfriends, Drake is not married yet. Drake has dated so much time with Johanna Leia (Model and Reality TV Star) Secretly.    

Drake Net Worth 2021:

Let’s talk about Drake net worth. Keep in mind, Drake is not an ordinary rapper. That’s why Drake’s net worth is also not ordinary. Drake net worth in 2021 is $200 million. Drake net worth makes one among the richest rappers.       

There is another estimate about Drake net worth which is $180 million.

Reason of the Huge Wealth:

Drake has also worked as an actor from 2001 to 2009 in Canadian Drama. But the main source of Drake net worth is music. Also, music is the main reason for his fame. His famous album “Thanks Me Later” was the rise of his career and also his wealth.

$70 million is the revenue of the Drake per year.

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Drake is a rapper, musician, and actor. Drake has managed his time which is an important reason behind his success. Drake sleeps for only 4 hours a day. They go to sleep at 1 AM and get up at 5 AM.

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