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In this article, we will find the biggest animal in the world. Hope you have seen a whale in your mind. If yes, then you are true. Blue Whale is the biggest animal in the world. It’s not clear that is a blue whale the biggest animal in the world ever? But yet, a blue whale is the biggest animal on our Earth.

Although, there were many of the giants that have lived on the Earth-like Megalodon, Titanoboa, Mosasaurus, etc. But they could not be dangerous for humans. There is not so powerful a creature as a human. A human could drive a way to beat these giant creatures because Nothing is Impossible for a human.

Blue Whale – Biggest Animal in the World:

Biggest Animal in the World

The biggest blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) ever found was measured in 1909 in South Georgia, South Atlantic. This female whale was the biggest animal in the world. Yet, the biggest animal in the world is also a whale but not of the 1909’s.

The blue whale which was found in South Georgia was measured 110 feet and 17 inches. The heaviest whale was recorded in 1947 with a weight of 418,878 pounds and 90 feet and 6 inches in length.

The blue whale is also known as a “Giant of a Sea”. The biggest animal in the world (living) is also a blue whale which is 79 ft long and weighs around 190 tons.

African Bush Elephant:

African Bush Elephant

African Bush Elephant, also known as savanna elephant, can reach 13 feet in length and weigh up to 11 tons. Mostly found in Africa, almost 40,000 elephants are left. African Bush Animal is the biggest animal in the world on land.

African Bush Elephant can reach up to 13 feet in length (shoulder height) and weigh up to 10.4 tons. African Bush Elephant is also cited venerable in the Red List of Threatened Species (IUCN)  

Colossal Squid:

colossal squid

The colossal Squid is the third biggest animal in the world. Colossal Squid has the biggest eyes among all the animals. Colossal Squid is also the largest species of squid according to mass. There are only around 495 Colossal Squids that are living yet.

The average size of a Colossal Squid is 30-33ft and weighs up to 700 kilograms. The largest Colossal Squid ever recorded was a female found in New Zealand in February 2007. This Colossal Squid was 10 feet long.

White rhinoceros:

white rhinoceros

White rhinoceros are the fourth biggest animal in the world. The sad fact is that only two White rhinoceros are left according to a 2021 report. White rhinoceros are near to extinction.

The maximum height of a white rhinoceros is 12 ft and can weigh up to 2,300 kg. Scientists are saying that rhinoceros will not go extinct. They will continue the generation of rhinoceros by artificial breeding. The average weight of male rhinoceros is 2,300 kg while female rhinoceros weigh up to 1,700 kg.

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The giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalisis) is one of the biggest animals in the world. The largest living giraffe is found in Australia with a length of 18 feet and 8 inches. This giraffe is known by the name “Masai Bull”.

The average weight and height of an adult male giraffe can reach up to 18 ft and 3,000 pounds respectively. The female giraffe can grow 15 feet in length and 1,600 pounds in weight.

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These were the list of biggest animals in the world. Some people believe that the Megalodon, Mosasaurus, and other giant creatures, which have been extinct from the world, are living yet. If they are alive, then the list of the biggest animals will be changed.      

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Last Updated on November 17, 2022

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