Meet The Longest Named Dinosaur: Guinness World Record Holder!

Who is the longest named dinosaur? I know it’s not a general question that can come to people’s minds. However, if you love dinosaurs and the study of their existence and extinction then still there is still no chance for this question to come to your mind. 

Well, it’s part of my job to let you know much more about dinosaurs and their relevant topics. During my research, I accidentally found the longest named dinosaur whose name are 23 characters long!

Longest Named Dinosaur:

Let me clarify that from the first appearance of dinosaurs in this world, there have come many species of dinosaurs from which many species are now extinct but some species are living after behavioral adaptation. Around 700 valid dinosaur species are discovered and named by scientists and researchers. 

Among 700 known dinosaur species, the dinosaur with the longest name is “Micropachycephalosaurus”. Micropachycephalosaurus has 23 letters in it and it holds the award of being the longest dinosaur name ever. 

The name is also the Guinness world record holder. The most interesting part of this story is that the dinosaur itself is not that long. Yeah! The dinosaur is very small and its name is a greek word that means “small thick-headed lizard”. You can consider this small dinosaur just a tiny thick-headed lizard. In fact, it is among one of the smallest dinosaurs ever found. 

History and Discovery:

This dinosaur used to live more than 85 million years ago in the Cretaceous period. Dhong Zimnhing discovered its remains and named it in 1978. The fossils include some teeth, a partial skull, and post-cranial bones. He named it “Micropachycephalosaurus hongtuyanensis”. If we count the letters of the complete name then it becomes 37 letters which are quite long for such a small dinosaur. You will be shocked after knowing the height and length of this specie. 


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According to the researchers, the maximum possible length of this dinosaur is 1 only meter. The average weight is considered 1 kg. It has a thick skull which makes it different from other bipedal dinosaurs. It was a bipedal dinosaur which means it runs or walks on two legs. They also have two hands but cannot be used for walking or running. 

Its skull was covered with a bony-like structure that works as a combat. It looks similar to other pachycephalosaurids but is relatively small in size. This dino has large eye sockets with a short snout and a narrow jaw with leaf-shaped teeth. Like other dinosaurs of its family, it has there fingers on each hand with three-toed feet. 

They are considered to be very fast dinosaurs which is their best method to survive in their environment among many predators. They used to run fast to evade predators. It has sharp and long tooths. It is the smallest specie of the family Pachycephalosauride. It has small hands which cannot be used for grasping small prey.


It has sharp teeth which are very useful for eating food. It is a herbivore which means that it fed on plants and fruits but it also eats small incests. Herbivores are not always plant-eating organisms. Some of them may eat meat if available similar to the case of Micropachycephalosaurus.

Behavior and Environment:

This dinosaur used to live in the Cretaceous period around 85 million years ago. It was a bipedal dinosaur which means he walks on two legs but it also has two hands with three fingers which can be used for various purposes. He used to live in forests because this environment is suitable for getting food easily in form of small insects and plants and fruits. After researching fossils, scientists have known that they used to live in small groups. 

Final Thoughts:

After studying the whole characteristics of this dinosaur, researchers have analyzed this information which is represented in this article. This longest named dinosaur is one of the most interesting dinosaurs to be discussed. 

The researchers have discovered it more than 40 years ago but still, they do have not a lot more information about it. If anything related to this dinosaur comes out, we will update you with the latest information.

Last Updated on March 8, 2023

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