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Winx Club characters – Cartoons are the part of everyone’s childhood. But some people, at mature age, also like to watch cartoons. If you are a fantasy cartoon lover then you must have seen Winx Club.

Of course, Winx Club is one of the best animated series of fantastic world of witches, fairies, heavens and villains. If you have not seen this series or you are a new watcher of this animated series then first discuss about the story of this animated series.

We will discuss about all Winx Club characters, Winx club characters boyfriends, bloom winx club, winx club characters races, winx club characters guys, winx club characters villains and also original winx club characters.

So first we have “Bloom” which is the main character of this series. A student (Bloom) from earth thoughts that she is an ordinary girl until exposing her flame-based supernatural powers. Bloom travels to Alfea school of fairies for the perfection of her skills.

She made here some friends Stella, Flora, Musa, Lyla, Roxy and Tecna which seven characters are the main Winx Club Characters. These 7 girls worked to save the universe from their villains.

Winx Club Main Characters:

  1. Bloom
  2. Stella
  3. Flora
  4. Musa
  5. Lyla
  6. Tecna
  7. Roxy

Now let discuss about the powers and qualities of winx club characters season 1:

Bloom Winx Club:

Bloom is the main character of this series. Bloom is a fairy of dragon flame who revealed his Flame-Based Power. She can make fireballs, fire beams, fire storms and explosion by casting spells. Her Italian voice actress is “Letizia Ciampa” and her Hollywood voice actress are “Molly Quinn”.


Stella is a fairy of shining sun with long blonde hairs. She can manipulate light and can use energy of sun and moon. Stella’s Italian voice actress is “Perla Liberatori” and her Hollywood voice actress are “Amy Gross”.

You can watch here all episodes of season 6:


Flora is a fairy of nature. She can absorb and use natural energy from it’s surrounding. She can release blasts of flower petals. Flora’s Italian voice actress is “llaria latini” and her Hollywood voice actress is “Alejandra Reynoso”.


Musa is the fairy of music. Musa can control sound pressure and sound waves. That’s why she can make music by controlling sound intensity and sound waves at a particular frequency. Musa’s Italian voice actress is “Gemma Donati” and her Hollywood voice actress are “Romi Dames”.


Lyla is a fairy of liquid. She can make Morphix which is a pink fluid which she can morph into any desired shape. Lyla’s previous name was Aisha and then was changed into Lyla. Lyla’s Italian voice actress is “Laura Lenghi” and her Hollywood voice actress are “Keke Palmer”.


Tecna is a fairy of technology having technology-based powers. Her entire power is based on technology related things. Her Italian voice actress is Domitilla D’Amico.


Roxy is a strong-willed Fairy of animals which was introduced in fourth season. She is the youngest and weakest fairy from all winx club characters ages and powers.

Now let’s talk about winx club characters boyfriends and winx club characters guys:

  1. Sky (Bloom’s Fiancé)
  2. Brandon (Stella’s Fiancé)
  3. Riven (Musa’s Boyfriend)
  4. Helia (Flora’s Boyfriend)
  5. Timmy (Tecna’s Boyfriend)
  6. Nex (Aisha’s Boyfriend)

Evil Winx Club Characters:

  1. Trix (Three witches of various powers):
  2. Icy: Eldest of the trio and their leaders
  3. Darcy: The middle of trio
  4. Stormy: The youngest of the trio
  5. Lord Darkar (Also Called Shadow Phoenix)
  6. Valtor (Sorcerer)
  7. Mandragora (Power over insects)
  8. Wizards of Black circles
  9. Tritannus (Aisha’s cousin)
  10. Selina
  11. Acheron
  12. Ploitea (evil Sirenix fairy)
  13. Kalshara and Brafilius (Main Antagonists)
  14. Argan   
  15. The Ancestral Witches (Ancient Witches)
  16. Belladona: has power over ice
  17. Liliss: has power over darkness
  18. Tharma: Has power over storms

College Staff and students:

  1. Daphne
  2. Faragonda
  3. Griselda
  4. Wizgiz
  5. Palladium
  6. Knut
  7. Mirta
  8. Lucy
  9. Griffin

Now last thing is winx club characters vs winx saga. We have discussed about winx club, you can watch winx saga here

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