Yao Ming Height | 5 Amazing Facts About Yao Ming

Yao Ming Height is the great reason of his popularity. Yao Ming is very famous Chinese Basketball Player and former professional player. Yao was born in 12 September 1980 in Shanghai, China.

Yao Ming is the tallest player to have played at least one NBA All-Star game and also include in Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.  

He became an international star as a center for the Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association.

Yao started his career of Basketball in the age of 12. He was attending a local sports academy and participating in the basketball several hours a day.

After the local sports academy, he realizes that his skill needs to be approved and accepted by a strong organization. Then he decided to join the Shanghai Sharks of Chinese Basketball Association in 1997.

He worked hard there and led the Chinese team to a proud able 10th-place finish at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. And that was the day, when Yao born.

Now first talk about the basketball player Yao Ming height and weight.

Yao Ming height And Weight:

Yao Ming height real, right now is 2.29m. Yao Ming height in ft is 7.5 foot. Yao Ming height in inches is 90.15. Yao Ming in cm is 229cm. Below are the heights over the age changes of Yao Ming.

Yao Ming Height at 13:

At 13, Yao was already above 2 meters. So, one thing is clear that there is no any secret behind Yao Ming’s height. Yao Ming is naturally a tall guy.

Yao Ming Height at 14:

Height of Yao at 14 was approximately 2.28 meters which is tall enough.

Yao Ming height at 16:

At the age of 14, Yao was above from 2.3 meters.

Now let’s talk about the weight. The current weight of Yao Ming is 141kg.

Shaq and Yao Ming height Compare:

Shaquille O’Neal vs Yao Ming height is also an important query about peoples. Shaq and Yao Ming height is not same. Yao is 2.29 meters but Shaq is 2.16 meter high.

Yao Ming net worth:

Yao Ming net worth is considered to be $160 Million

Here you can watch the untold story of Yao Ming:

Yao Ming wife:

Yao Ming Wife

Yao Ming wife name is Ye Li. Yao met a Chinese Basketball Player Ye Li at the age of 17 years. Yao was president of the team at that time. Ye Li was at first, not interested in Yao Ming. They announced their relationship at the closing ceremony of 2004 Athens Olympics. They married on August 6, 2007.

Why did Yao Ming retire?

Yao Ming was retired early as they were facing some health problems. He sustained multiple injuries in NBA. He got some injuries to his foot and ankles, third fracture to his left foot then he had nursed.

According to the latest report of China, Yao Ming was suffering from Hypertension. They left their career because their body could not take the ponding of both the NBA and Chinese schedules. 

Five Amazing Facts about Yao Ming:

  1. Yao Ming is the tallest player who ever player the NBA All Star Game. He is on third position in the list of tallest players in NBA. Yao Ming Height is an important factor in their popularity.
  2. Yao Ming is not only tall, they were also a heavy weight basketball player. Their weight is 141kg. Yao is the second heaviest player who was selected for NBA.
  3. Yao Ming has its own valley known as Yao Ming Napa Valley Brut Sparkling Wine.
  4. Yao Ming is the only player who appear in the All-Star Game until now.
  5. Yao Ming has been inducted to the Basketball Hall of Fame as part of the 2016 class, together with Shaq.  

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Last Updated on November 16, 2022

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