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Here you will find Travis Barker net worth. Travis Barker is a very famous American musician holding the main position as a drummer. Travis is a well-known hip-hop star. The tattoos on his body are also a very attention-gaining factor in his popularity.

He has tattoos all around his body even on his head as he is a Bald musician. Here in this article, we will tell you all about Travis Barker, his career, nominations and awards, marital status, and Travis Barker net worth.  

Travis Barker net worth 2022:   


Travis Barker net worth
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Travis Barker is an American hip-hop musician. He is mostly known as a drummer. He has filled his whole body with different types of tattoos which are attention-gaining among the audience who watches him.

Travis was born on November 14, 1975, having 46 years of age. Travis Barker is 1.75 meters tall and 71 kilograms in weight. Travis has lost weight due to PTSD disorder.

He fell into this disease after a plane crash incident that happened to it in 2008. Barker didn’t sleep for 3 weeks after this incident. Insomnia also affected his health badly and he is still facing stress disorder.

Travis Barker is the son of Gloria Barker and Randy Barker.

Travis Barker net worth makes him one of the highest-paid drummers ever. Travis Barker is a record producer, songwriter, and musician. “The Baron von Tito” is another name (nickname) of Travis.   


Travis Barker net worth belongs to his career as a musician. His career starts in 11994 when he participated in the ska-punk Aquabats band. The musicians of this band got inspired by Travis and they led him to his next career.

Travis is also a record producer and a musician but he is most famous for his drummer career. He is among the list of one of the most influential drummers of the previous two and half decades.   

Besides being a drummer and a musician, Travis Barker is also a businessman. He is the owner of               Famous Stars and Straps clothing line.


Travis Barker net worth
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 No doubt, he is one of the most famous and inspired drummers in the world so it is impossible for him not to get some awards. So, besides talking about Travis Barker net worth, here we will tell you about his honors.

Barker has been nominated for 18 awards while being awarded 3 among them. Below are some important awards received by Travis.

Travis Barker2000Blockbuster Entertainment Award
Travis Barker2004California Music Award
Travis Barker2000MTV Europe Music Award
Travis Barker2016Kerrang Award (Icon)
Travis Barker2001, 2004, 2000Teen Choice Award

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Marriage Status:

Besides telling you about Travis Barker net worth, let us tell you about his love life. Travis Barker was first married to Melissa Kennedy in 2001. The marriage didn’t go successful and the couple got divorced in 2002.

Later he married Shanna Moakler in 2004 and this marriage still was not successful. The couple divorced in 2008 after 4 years of living. Currently, Barker is single.  

Travis Barker Net Worth 2022:

As a musician, he is not so rich but as a drummer, he is one of the most paid drummers ever. So, let’s talk about Travis Barker net worth. According to 2022 stats, Travis is Barker net worth is estimated at roughly $50 million.

Travis Barker net worth is considered as $50 million. Although he is a good musician and drummer, Barker is mostly famous for the tattoos on his body.

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