Robert Downey Jr net worth 2022

No doubt, Robert Downey Jr is one of the best actors in Hollywood. So, that’s why here we are with another net worth topic which is Robert Downey Jr net worth.

Robert Downey Jr is one of the most popular and famous actors in the world. Downey fan following belongs to all around the world. Avengers, Sherlock Holmes, and Iron Man are the most hit movies of Robert Downey Jr.   

Here in this article, we will tell you about Robert, his movies, marital status, nominations and awards, and Robert Downey Jr net worth.

Robert Downey Jr net worth 2022:   


Robert Downey Jr net worth
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Robert Downey Jr is the brother of Allyson Downey. Born in 1965, he is now 56 years old. He has gained success and popularity when he was young and was popular in mostly youth. One of his most hit movies is Iron Man and I hope that you know Robert Downey Jr from that movie.

He has two siblings. He was inspired by his dad Robert Downey Sr. who was also a filmmaker at that time. He first started joking which was the most interesting aspect of his life. His mother was an actress making a whole family of actors.

Downey was interested in jokes but his family has inspired him. He got the direction of the film industry from his parents. In his career as an actor, he combined both fields, acting and joking. His movies are action thrillers as well as funny.

His career was started in 1983 by playing some roles in theaters. The success started in 2008 when he released the movie, Iron Man. The Iron Man was the first hit of his career and is also considered as one of the most hit movies in his entire career.

Robert is also a musician when the matter comes to movies. There is no single of Robert but he has sung various songs for his movies.

Team Downey is his own production company. The production company was established in 2010 by him and Susan who is his current wife. In their production company, The Judge was the first project.


Robert Downey Jr net worth 2022
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Let’s talk about Robert movies which is the main source of Robert Downey Jr net worth. He has worked in various movies and most of his movies have gone superhit. From all of his movies, the following are some of his most hit movies:  

MovieReleased YearRevenueRole
Avengers Series (1-4)2019$7.752 billionIron Man
Iron Man 32013$1.215 billionIron Man
Captain America: Civil War2016$1.151 billionIron Man
Sherlock Holmes (1&2)2009$1.033 billionSherlock Holmes
Spider-Man: Homecoming2017$880 millionIron Man
Iron Man 22010$621 millionIron Man
Iron Man2008$585 millionIron Man

Marital Status:

Besides telling you Robert Downey Jr net worth, let us tell you about his love life. Robert Downey Jr has been married two times but one marriage was unsuccessful. First, he married Deborah Falconer in 1992.

The marriage didn’t prove successful and the couple divorced in 2004 after living 12 years together. After one year, Robert married Susan Downey in 2005 and currently, they both are married.

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Robert Downey Jr net worth:

He is one of the most paid actors in Hollywood. His movies have generated billions of dollars which proves that Robert Downey Jr net worth is very high. So, let’s talk about his net worth. According to 2022 stats, Robert Downey Jr net worth is $305 million.

The previous year, in 2021, Robert Downey Jr net worth was $300 million which has been increased to $305 million and his net worth is continuously increasing.

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