Queen Elizabeth II Died | London bridge is down!

Today we will discuss the life of Great Queen Elizabeth II Alexandra Of the United Kingdom. Recently she died due to some typical illness her medical report shows that she has been suffering from a cold, and gastroenteritis.

Early Life, Husband & Children

Queen Elizabeth II
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Queen Elizabeth II Alexandra was born on 21 April 1926 She was Queen from 1952 Feb 6 till her death in 2022. She was Queen of almost 32 States and she served as monarch of 16 of them till her death. She was the first lady who was Queen for 70 years and 215 days and breaks the record of the British state in history. She was born in Mayfair, London, and was educated privately at home. She married Phillip Mountbatten and their relationship was last for 70 years till his death in 2021. She had four children Charles III, Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward.


Date of birth 21 April 1926 
Real name Elizabeth Alexandra
Date of Death8 September 2022
Age 96 years
Net Worth500 million $
Husband namePhilip Mountbatten
YoungstersCharles III, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, Sovereign Edward.
Current King Prince Charles

What did Queen Elizabeth die from?

Queen lives a healthy life but at the age of 70 she has a problem with her joints and got surgery on her knee but it was not the cause of her death. Her medical report shows that she was suffering from fever and cold and because of her high age, she could not recover and died on 8 Sep 2022.

Who is next in line after Queen Elizabeth II?

The much-awaited question, “who takes the throne after queen Elizabeth” has been answered. Elizabeth II was queen for 70 years and 214 days and break the record of any British state in history. She served almost 32 states in her early life and was the first lady who served the state for a long time. After her death at the age of 96 years at her home Balmoral Castle, 8 Sep 2022 her Eldest son, Prince Charles became the new King aka Charles III.

Queen Elizabeth II Net Worth & Finances

Sovereign Elizabeth II was quite possibly the most extravagant individual on the earth with expected total assets of 500 million$. Most of her net worth is accumulated through inheritance because she was the daughter and granddaughter of an English monarch. Queen Elizabeth was the richest personality in the world and she had charity funds for poor people.

A royal love affair: Queen Elizabeth II And Prince Phillip

Sovereign Elizabeth II was not exactly the Sovereign of Hearts because of the imperial way of life and conventions that she needed to follow, which disallowed her from getting excessively near society. However, it didn’t mean she was far off from her own in her own life. Sovereign Elizabeth II had the highest regard for her significant other of 73 years, Ruler Philip for which she was urged to pen an important discourse on their 50th marriage commemoration, on November 20, 1997.

A Background marked by Balmoral Palace, Where Sovereign Elizabeth II Spent Her Last Days

A Background marked by Balmoral Palace, Where Sovereign Elizabeth II Spent Her Last Days
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It was a practice for Sovereign Elizabeth II to spend part of her mid-year at Balmoral palace in the Scottish Good countries. This year was the same, however, with her well-being declining, the 96-year-old English ruler wound up taking her final gasp at the cherished property on September 8, 2022. One of the bungalows at Balmoral, called Birkhall, has a place with Ruler Charles and Duchess Camilla. The previous acquired it when his grandma, The Sovereign Mother, kicked the bucket in 2002, and the couple spent their vacation there in 2005.

Grave of Queen Elizabeth II 

After the memorial service, the final resting place will go to Windsor Palace, right beyond London, and she will be covered close to her significant other, Ruler Philip, at St. George’s House of prayer.

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