Plant Eating Dinosaurs | It is about million of years ago

The Herbivores:

The some most common herbivores dinosaurs in the world are:

  • Stegosaurus,
  •  Triceratops,
  •  Diplodocus, 
  •  Ankylosaurus.

The plant eater dinosaurs are known as herbivores. The dinosaurs had to eat a lot of plants in one day . They had the special teeth that work to break apart the bark, the trees and twigs. They could also hold some food in the  special pouches in their cheeks while they were looking for food to eat. Sometimes they would also eat small rocks to help them  break up the plants in their stomach!

Basic Information:

There are two types of dinosaurs in the world. There are plant-eating dinosaurs and meat-eating dinosaurs. But you never believe that 35% of the dinosaurs eat the meat.

The remaining 65% of the total plant eating dinosaurs in the world. Pictures of plant eating dinosaurs. 

What are Dinosaurs?

The dinosaurs are large reptiles, which were present millions of years ago. The scientist discovers many fosl of the different types of the dinosaurs. The scientist works on the fosl of the dinosaurs. There are many types of dinosaurs in the world,these are plant eating dinosaurs and meat eating dinosaurs.

Type of Plant Eating Dinosaurs:

Sr no.NamePlant
1.TriceratopsFerns and palms
7.Diplodocus cycads

Dinosaurs like Plants:

Dinosaurs like some plants:

  1. Cycads plant
  2. Cypresses plant
  3. Pines plant
  4. Yews plant
  5. Redwoods plant
  6. Ginkgo plants
  7. Mosses plant
  8. Ferns plant
  9. Angiosperms plant

These types of plant dinosaurs most of all. These are some land plants and some of them are water plants. These land plants are tall. The tall type dinosaurs like the tall tree plant. Most of the herbivore dinosaurs are tall in size. The short length dinosaurs like the Mosses plant most of all.

There were thousands of plants at that time. The most famous plant of that time was the Pine. The tall dinosaurs like to eat the leaves of the pine, because it is juice in the taste.When the time spent these plants are mostly finished in the world.

Plant Eating Dinosaurs:


Plant Eating Dinosaurs

Triceratops in the herbivores dinosaur.It is the plant eating dinosaurs. They had the three horns on his head. They have two horns on his head and one small horn on his beak. They eat the bushes type plant. Generally they are smaller in size. They have a large bony frill on his neck. 


Dracorex are the herbivores dinosaurs. It is shorter in size. It’s like a short plant. It is the plant eating dinosaurs. Its head is hard like the rock and it has the horn on the end of the head. It is the beak that helps to eat the plant. It has a long tail. It has two legs to help him walk. 


Image is taken from National Geographic :

Argentinosaurus is the plant eating dinosaurs. They like the water most of all, so they live near the river. They are all long and tall in size. So they like the tall plant most of all. They eat the pine most of all. It has four legs. 



Stegosaurus is the plant eating dinosaurs. It has a long and huge hump on his back bone. There are some horn-like scales on his backbone. It has four legs. They eat the short plant like the bushes. They have long and sharp teeth on the tail which help him in fighting. Their body is larger than their face.There legs are long from the ground.  

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