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How to improve your presence on Instagram?

Improve your presence Instagram

Instagram, which debuted in 2010, has evolved into much more than a photo and video sharing platform. Instagram has roughly 800 million users and about 25 million business profiles. Instagram has evolved into a fantastic tool for businesses to engage more customers and develop a more visual, unique, and engaging corporate identity.

Instagram is a fantastic platform for all types of businesses. It doesn’t matter if you have a small or a significant company; it works well for both. According to OurSocialTimes, Instagram has significantly higher interaction than Facebook and Twitter. It also gives you helpful audience information and planning techniques. To make your business a significant success these days, you need to boost your Instagram presence. Let’s look at the steps that can help you improve your Instagram presence.

Choose an Aesthetic Theme

Although it is not a required step; it is always recommended that you maintain a basic theme or style for your Instagram profile. If you choose a brand aesthetic, try to stick to it because switching it up too much can make your profile appear less appealing. This will assist you in engaging with the targeted group of customers and forming a community. For example, if you’re a travel business, attempt to provide appealing images of various destinations.

Photos are important

Instagram is primarily about photographs and terrific pictures. A company must have relevant, clear, and understandable imagery. The more Instagram likes and comments a photo receives, the better. It’s critical to pay attention to the lighting and strive to optimize your images. You may also use GIFs and even infographics to attract more attention.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most constructive ways to grow your following. For example, if you publish a photo of an exotic location with the hashtag traveling (# traveling), it will be recommended to anyone looking for information on traveling or related topics. As a result, the number of followers grows. However, it is essential to remember that the hashtags should be topical and trending. Hashtags should be consistent and relatable. Remember that you should not overdo hashtags and maintain a limit to a maximum of 3-5 hashtags per post.

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Consistency is the key

Try to keep your content consistent by posting something at least once a day, if not three times a week. If you’re constant with your posts, you should also be consistent with the quality of your posts otherwise, you’ll lose user engagement, which will eventually affect your follower base. So, try to post relevant information regularly, and you can also plan out your content ahead of time to have a better idea of what to post and what not to post.

Engage with Influencers

Encourage influencers to become paid advocates for your Instagram profile. Come up with an original and compelling narrative plan with them for your target audience. Allow influencers to be themselves when it comes to your brand. Form a strong alliance with them. Even though they are working for you, you must value their advice since they know how to talk to the audience you want to attract. Seek out people who have a good sense of style. Brand experiences should be offered to these influencers. When it comes to working with them, think outside the box.

Talk through Captions


Captions are one of the most efficient ways to communicate with your audience. You may always include some eye-catching captions that are informative, sometimes amusing, and sometimes even valuable for those who read them. Make an effort to offer some worth to your Instagram post. Remember that captions should not be too long to boring viewers and cause them to leave, nor should they be too short of confusing them. Make your Instagram captions more practical and straightforward.

Maximize on Instagram Stories and Reels

Stories are a feature of Instagram and a fantastic method to connect with your audience. It facilitates a closer connection with customers and increases customer engagement. You can include discounts and polls on new items to gauge interest. Question and answer sessions between you and your audience can be organized around stories that can be included to further connect with your users. You can also categorize stories using a new customer highlight tool. To make your story more appealing, utilize stickers and hashtags. Reels are short videos that are created to engage with your customers. You can offer behind-the-scenes coverage through reels and add some transitions and effects to it.

Keep an eye on the competition

It is essential to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. It will assist you in gaining insight into your Instagram performance and identifying areas for growth. Analyze their performance numbers, see how they communicate with their users and see what kind of content they provide. This will help you come up with fresh ideas and challenge you to think out of the box.

Start Using Instagram Ads

Using Instagram advertisements is to reach your target customer more effectively, whether you’re promoting a contest, a product or service sale, a grand opening event, an influencer post, or any piece of content. When spending a small amount of money, consider raising your budget when you get results from a specific targeting strategy. Keep a close eye on your return on investment. Location, age, gender, languages, hobbies, habits, demographics, and links to other accounts can all be used to target audiences. Plus, now that Facebook and Instagram are linked, you can put your marketing budget to good use by promoting your content on both platforms.

Go Live

Live Sessions are the most effective approach to increase your Instagram followers. It will also assist you in making your brand more approachable to the general public. Remember that rather than merely selling your goods, you should aim to use live to interact and communicate with your clients. Building a community for your Instagram presence may go a long way, and live sessions can help you do that.


Instagram is one of the best platforms for promoting your company and services. You won’t become an Instagram sensation overnight; it takes time and effort, but by following the methods outlined above, you may begin to establish your presence and impact on this rapidly developing site.This article tries to cover all the important steps that can help you in maintaining an impactful presence.

Last Updated on December 10, 2022

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