Jon Brower Minnoch – Heaviest Person in The World Ever Lived

Jon was the heaviest person in the world ever lived, is still taking this record but what about his past life and how excessive fat became a life threat? In this blog, we’ll cover Brower’s biography, Guinness world records, and his lifestyle with extreme obesity.

Minnoch was Living with excessive weight which was not an easy job but he make himself tackle the “years” of his life. He was entitled as the Heaviest person in the world by the US in March 1978. About five years later this heavyweight person died on September 10, 1983, when Jon was in Seattle, Washington. Let’s further explore Jon Brower’s life.


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He was born on September 29, 1941, and lived in Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA. He was also known as Adam Trickett mostly, his surroundings called him by this name. He was a man with a gigantic physique and a weight of 363 kg. Jon married a woman named Jeannette who weighed around about 110-Ib (49.9 kg).

JON BROWER MINNOCH, The World Heaviest Person at 6 ft 1in height lived in America. And he lead his whole life with a massive body that is recorded ever. Minnoch has been suffering from the disease (obesity) which is excessive fat inflation that accounted for health risks.


We want to share now biographical aspects of Jon Brower Minnoch to inform you all. He was born in 1941 in Bainbridge, Washington. When Minnoch was at the age of 12 years his weight raised to 294 Ibs(133 kg). This weight was swiftly exceeded and when Brower reached the age of 22nd year his weight increased to 392 Ibs (178 kilograms). His treatment was exactly started about 23 months before his death when Jon Brower was about 39 years.

He was married to a lightweight girl Jeanette Minnoch her weight was 110 Ibs about (50 kilograms). That couple had two children when this heaviest-weight person first died in 1983.

His obesity and how it affects his lifestyle?

13 men changed their sides altogether when this person’s weight was 635 (kilograms). At the age of 36 Mr. Jon was hospitalized for treatment he suffered from obesity which is a major disease of tissues caused by weight. His weight due to hospitalization became low from 900 Ibs(408kg) to 476 IBs(216 kg) within 16 months by following a strict diet of 1200 calories in the hospital his doctor was an endocrinologist, Dr. Robert Schwartz.

After Treatment Mr. Brower’s weight started to increase again then the doctor advised him not to be hospitalized but the medicine kept on. When he was 41 Brower Minnoch’s weight by increasing was 800 Ibs(363kg). At last, he died of the disease of Obesity about 13 people changed sides till the end his disease was incurable.

How he got the heaviest man in the World Guinness Record

In History, there are more than 40,000 records ever recorded for some reason but here we noted the heaviest person(Jon Brower Minnoch) for the Guinness record. Jon Brower broke the record by leading massive weight of 1400 Ibs for the past 40 years. In March of 1978, he got an award for the world record being recorded for heavily weighed man in history before his death. 


Some people have the heaviest weight recorded in the world, and some of them were overweighted by some muscular disorder, diseases like obesity, and inflation of tissues. When we talked about the Heaviest Person, there is always one person who clicked in our mind that is JON BROWER MINNOCH who died because of a disease called obesity (inflation of Fluid) in the body. His weight rapidly increased after hospitalization.

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Who is the heaviest man in the world right now?

Juan Pedro Franco is now the heaviest man in the world in 2023 living. Let’s have a look at other heaviest personalities that exist in 2023.

Second-Heaviest man in a current record: 

JON BROWER was the heaviest man in the world in the past 40 years but now in the current state of affairs but for now, we found the heaviest person living and the 2nd heaviest man in August 2013 in recorded history at 610 kg (1340 Ibs). His name is Khalid Bin Mohsen Shaari, born on 28 February 1991 and he is an Arabic man which lives in Saudi Arabia.

Muscular Heaviest man in the world:

Ronnie Coleman has the biggest muscles on Earth registered as “The Most Brawny(Muscular) Man in the World” by Guinness World Records. And the most interesting thing you should have to know about Ronnie Coleman is that beats Arnold through his sheer size. 

Heaviest Woman

On the report of Guinness World Records, the world’s heaviest living woman is Pauline potter. She lives in the US and weighs 643 pounds (291.6 kg).

Heaviest Sports Man:

You must know about the heaviest living Athlete Sumo Wrestler named Emmanuel ‘Manny’ Yarborough. He is one of the Guinness World Record Holders for the heaviest sportsman who lives in Rahway, New, USA. His height is 6 feet 8 inches and his weight is about 319.3 kg.

Heaviest Sports Woman:

Her name is Sharran Alexander born in Maida Vale, London, and is Sumo Wrestler who is listed in British Sumo Federation She was named the Heaviest sportswoman in the 2013 Guinness World Records at 203.2kg (448Ibs).

Top 10 heaviest men in the World

There are Top Heaviest persons in the World, listed below:

NumberNameMax weight (kg)Max weight (lb)GenderYear of birthCountry
1.Jon Brower Minnoch6361402Male1941USA
2.Manuel Uribe5971316Male1965Mexico
3.Carol Yager5451202Female1960USA
4.Walter Hudson5441200Male1944USA
5.Rosalie Bradford5441199Female1943USA
6.Michael Hebranko5001102Male1953USA
7.Patrick Deuel4861071Male1962USA
8.Robert Earl Hughes4851070Male1926USA
9.Kenneth Brumley4691034Male1968USA
10.Mills Darden4631021Male1799USA

Final Words

In the end, we come to know that JON BROWER MINNOCH proves in the World not a normal man because a person who cannot move easily he cannot be called a normal person, so he was quite abnormal due to (disease) Obesity and passed away. In short, he is the Heaviest Person in the World so far.

After him, who is the heaviest person? The 2nd Heaviest person is in KISA, his exact name is (Khalid Bin Mohsen Shaari). He is about 32 years this time. He has secured 610 kg (1340Ibs) weight.

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Last Updated on January 17, 2023

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