Gabriel March Granados: Man With The Longest Prison Sentence Ever!

Criminals are everywhere. Crimes are of different types. Some criminals are known as murderers, and some are known as rapists, theft, pedophiles, scammers, etc. Among these criminals, Gabriel March Granados has a unique status. 

He was not a murderer, serial killer, or a person with a serious crime. So, why he got the longest sentence in prison? Keep reading to learn everything about this dude!

Who is Gabriel March Granados?

Gabriel March Granados was a postman who was born in Spain and used to work in his country as a postman. He started his career on Jan 28, 1968, when he was 18 years old. 

He just worked here for two years and left the post service on March 31, 1970. 

Well, you might be thinking about what kind of crime he has done for which he got the longest prison sentence ever and what was the time interval of that sentence. 

At that time, people used to share many important documents, jewelry, letters, and even a lot of cash in the mail and Gaberial knows this well. 

What did Gabriel March Granados do?

What did Gabriel March Granados do

He knew that there is not a sufficient way to send valuable items, documents, or even cash to other people that’s why people use mail service to send these things to their family, friends, or business partners. 

He collected more than 40,000 letters and left post service. This means, he stole more than 40k letters and ran away.  

He opened more than 35000 letters including regular letters and urgent mail and stole the items inside them. Reports state that these letters contained roughly 50,000 Euros including checks. 

He was arrested easily by the police. The prosecutor in the court had wild behavior against Gabriel. He attempted to pursue a $20 million fine and 384,912 years in prison. 

This record-breaking sentence is not easily digestible to our mind cuz’ the normal sentences that are filed against criminals include a life sentence (25 years in jail) or around 100 years in jail. 

No one ones to live in jail for even 3 days but the prosecutor pursue more than 384 thousand years of sentence for Gaberial. 

This clearly shows the wildness of the Prosecutor against the Gaberial. Many people consider that the Gaberial somehow failed to deliver these letters but the truth is that he stole the cash and checks inside these letters and ran away. 

The prosecutor pursues 384,912 years of the sentence in prison for Gaberial in a countable manner. 9 years of a sentence per letter stolen. He opened 30,850 regular and 4,868 urgent emails. These become 35,718. If we multiply this number by 9 then we get 321,462 years. 

The original sentence was 384,912 years because it includes further sentences. 

You might be worrying that Gabriel march Granados crime is not that serious and doesn’t deserve that kind of punishment. The interesting thing to know is that the punishment was not given as it was sentenced. He is currently out of jail because he was released after 14 years and 2 months of the sentence. Now, he is free.  

Is Gabriel March Granados still alive?

The answer is Yes! The person who was sentenced to more than 384 thousand years in jail was released after facing 14 years and 2 months in jail. Now he is free and currently living in Spain. No one knows the exact location of Gaberial but he is living somewhere in Spain.

Final Thoughts:

Well, no one wants to live in jail for even a single day but Justice system something do some things which sound crazy, and in reality, these are crazy like this 384,912 years of sentence. Although Gabriel March Granados was released after 14 years and 2 months the sentence which was given to the man highlights the negligence and craziness of the Justice System cuz’ his sentence of more than 384 thousand years is crazy. What’s your opinion? We will love to read your thoughts in the comment section.  

Last Updated on March 16, 2023

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