Meet the Man Who Exposed Jimmy Saville’s 400+ Sexual Assaults!

Jimmy Saville is considered one of the most notorious, worst, and most intelligent criminals in the world. He was a very loveable, gentle, and trustworthy person in the eyes of people. But, no one knew what was the reality of this man until a man who exposed jimmy Saville came in front of the screen and exposed the reality of this DJ. 

Before telling the story of this man, it’s important to tell about the life of Jimmy Saville. 

Who was Jimmy Saville?

Jimmy was a very famous TV personality. He was a disc jockey, Tv Personality, and Radio Personality. He was born in Leeds in 1926 in Roam Catholic Family. He was the youngest child of a Roman Catholic Family. He was the most famous DJ in Britain.

He started his music career as a DJ in 1958 at Radio Luxembourg. He remained the most famous Dj in Britain for continuously 4 years. The cigar was an important part of his life. He used to appear many times on the screen in the 1970s. He loves girls, parties, music, meeting new people, and dancing. 

His character was very friendly and funny. He knew every music brand and collaborated with many music brands. He also made many appearances in BBC programs. 

People have only seen Jimmy crying when his mother died. He was emotionless but he cried over the death of his mother. He said one time that “I am a machine” which means I am emotionless. 

In May 1975, he began his own show named “Jimmy Will Fix It” which was the biggest jump to success in his career. Although, the show was hosted for children this show was one of the most famous shows in Britain. 

In this show, children used to write letters to Jimmy which includes their wishes or desires, and then Jimmy fulfilled their dreams or desires. For instance, once a child ishes of driving in a James Bond car, and his dream was fulfilled. 

He never explain his personal life and looked like a mystery. He wrote many books and stories. He ran many charities to become a good man in the eyes of the people but on knows the truth. 

He had millions of followers and strong connections with politics and elite-class people that’s why he was very difficult to expose. 

Criminal career: 1955 to 2009!

He raised millions of dollars for charity and spent this money on a hospital and a psychiatric hospital. These were the most loved places for him cuz’ he can find his victims easily. In the psychiatric hospital, it became very easy for him to fulfill his sexual desires without any disturbance cuz’ it was very easy to do such things with mentally or physically ill girls. 

He began his criminal career form 1955 but he adjusted it to hide until when the rumors of Jimmy’s affair will underaged girls start spreading in the 1970s. He sexually assaulted and raped many underage girls remaining hidden until Mark Williams Thomas exposed his reality in front of the whole world. 

Man who exposed Jimmy Saville:

After getting deeper into his life, the next question that will arise in many minds is who exposed Jimmy Saville?  Who was Jimmy Savile’s detective? Mark Williams Thomas was the man who exposed him. 

He was a private detective who used to investigate serious crimes like rape, murder, serial killings, etc. You can watch his Interview with LADbible TV:

An interesting point is that he was exposed after his death in October 2011. Mark started investigating his crimes online. He talked to many peoples online and got very information regarding Jimmy’s sexual interest in underage girls. Here he got much evidence that he has sexually assaulted many children but these are now adults. 

He went to ITV and told them that he want to expose Jimmy’s reality with much serious evidence. He stated that more than 500+ underage girls were sexually assaulted and raped by Jimmy.

He arranged a podcast with ITV and broadcasted it on television which changed the mind of people regarding Jimmy’s character. Then, the police started an investigation and found Jimmy a predatory pedophile. 


After this huge case, the way of investigation of police completely changed. Many other celebrities who used to sexually assault girls or children got arrested. Although he had strong connections and was a celebrity and one of the most famous people in Leeds, his actions were proven and exposed to the public. But before getting exposed to evidence, he had died! 

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Last Updated on March 11, 2023

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