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Eminem music is one of the most selling music in history. Eminem is the first rapper who win an Oscar award. That’s why Eminem net worth is an important topic. Eminem is not only a rapper, songwriter but also an actor.

Oscars are not for rappers Eminem is the first rapper for winning an Oscar award. Here in this article, we will tell you Eminem net worth, career, nomination and awards, and his Marriage status.


Eminem net worth
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Eminem is the first Oscar award-winning rapper. Born in America in October 1972. Eminem is a songwriter, actor, record executive, and record producer. Eminem wrote letters to his father as his father was far away from him.

He was passionate about describing his emotions in words and storytelling. He began rapping at the age of 14 years with his friend.

Comparing Eminem net worth to his childhood lifestyle is very uplifting. Before his music career, Eminem has worked in several shops to pay the bills.  


The career begins in 1988. He created a group named New Jacks. In 1989, New Jacks joined Bassmint Productions. The name was replaced by Soul Intent by rapper proof in 1992. Eminem released his first song “Just Don’t Give a Fuck” in 1998.

“The Way I Am” is the second song of Eminem. Eminem was interested in storytelling. He told the pressure from the music company on him.

According to 2020 stats, Eminem has released 367 songs.

Eminem net worth began rising after some of his most hit songs.

The top best songs of Eminem are given below:

  • Lose Yourself (Oscar-winning)
  • Love the Way You Lie
  • Smack That (Akon feat.)
  • The Monster
  • Without Me
  • Not Afraid
  • Cleanin’ Out My Closet
  • The Real Slim Shady
  • Just Lose It
  • Forever

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Eminem award
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Eminem is the first rapper to win an Oscar award. Usually, Oscar is not given to rappers but he is the first to win an Oscar award. He had also received many other important awards.

Eminem net worth began to rise rapidly when he won the Oscar award for the “Love Yourself” song. Throughout his life, he was nominated for 381 awards from which he has won 148 awards.

He has also received Guinness World Records which are listed below.

Eminem2000Fastest selling rap artist
The Eminem Show2002The best-selling album of hip hop in the first week of the UK chart release
Eminem2005Most successful rap artist in the UK
Smack That2006Most entries jumped on US hot 100 chart
Eminem201021st century’s top-selling album act (USA)
Eminem2010Most successive US albums to debut at No.1 by a solo artist
Eminem2010Rapper with the most no.1 albums in the UK
Eminem2010Most successive US No.1 albums by a solo artist
Rap God2015Most words in a hit single
Eminem2015Largest vocabulary for a recording artist
Eminem2020Fastest rap in a No.1 single
Eminem2020Most likes for a musician on Facebook (male)
Eminem2020Most consecutive No.1 debuts on the US albums chart

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Marriage Status:

Eminem was married to Kim Scott in 1999. Their marriage faced some disputes by which Kim divorced in 2001. They again got married in 2006 and gain divorced in 2006.

Eminem has now 3 children. Yet, he is single and it finds hard for Eminem to believe in a person.

Eminem Net Worth 2022:

Now, let’s talk about Eminem net worth. According to 2022 stats, Eminem net worth is $230 million. According to the richest rapper list in 2022, Eminem holds the 5th position.

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Eminem’s fame got rise in 1997-1999. The song “Love Yourself” is the most successful song by Eminem and also the first song to win an Oscar award.  

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