Tiger Woods net worth 2022 | The Second Highest Paid Athlete

Tiger Wood is considered to be the 2nd highest-paid athlete in the world so, it is important to know Tiger Woods net worth. Tiger Woods is an American Professional Gold player and Author.

The main source of Tiger woods net worth is Golf. Woods have his restaurant and he is also a CEO of TGR. Here in this article, we will tell you about Tiger woods, his career, Awards, Marriage status, and net worth.


Tiger woods net worth
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Eldrick Tont Woods was born in U.S in 1975. Tiger is his nickname. Tiger is now mostly known as Tiger Woods. Woods is 6 ft 1 in tall and 84 kg heavy golfer. He is currently living in Jupiter Island, Florida.

Tiger is an American golfer and entrepreneur. Tiger is one of the best golfers in history. He started his professional career in 1996. Throughout his life, he won 109 matches.  

Tiger Woods net worth is often asked question among his followers so we will answer it here.  


He started his professional career in 1996. Before his professional career, Woods was a great player as a junior. At the beginning of his professional career, Tiger was 20 years old. He signed a deal for advertising with Nike. The deal was the most profitable in golf history.

At 21 years of age, he won his first major and became the youngest winner of the tournament. He was facing a problem with his eyesight. That was a great problem for his career. To solve this problem, he got Laser Eye Surgery which gone successful.

In PGA Tour of 2000. He won 6 consecutive events. From these successes, he got so much fame in the golf world. Throughout his life, he played many successful tournaments. Tiger Woods net worth began rising rapidly with the rise of his success and fame.  


Tiger woods awards
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 In his entire life, Tiger won so many awards. He is one of the greatest golfers ever. Also, Tiger is the second richest athlete in the world ever.

Below are the awards which Tiger received from 2008 to 2019.  

Tiger Woods2008Mark H. McCormack Award
Tiger Woods2009PGA Tour Player of the Year
Tiger Woods2009PGA Player of the Year
Tiger Woods2009PGA Tour Money Leader
Tiger Woods2009Vardon Trophy
Tiger Woods2009Byron Nelson Award
Tiger Woods2009Mark H. McCormack Award
Tiger Woods2009FedEx Cup
Tiger Woods2009Golf Writers Association of America Player of the Year
Tiger Woods2009Associated Press Athlete of the Decade
Tiger Woods2010Mark H. McCormack Award
Tiger Woods2013PGA Tour Player of the Year
Tiger Woods2013PGA Player of the Year
Tiger Woods2013PGA Tour Money Leader
Tiger Woods2013Vardon Trophy
Tiger Woods2013Mark H. McCormack Award
Tiger Woods2019Golf Writers Association of America Ben Hogan Award
Tiger Woods2019Presidential Medal of Freedom
Tiger Woods2019Teen Choice Award

Marriage Status:

Tiger Woods wife
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Tiger Woods was married to Elin Nordegren from 2004-2010. Elin Nordegren was divorced in 2010 and received $100 after divorce. This might amaze you how much Tiger Woods net worth will be?

Currently, Tiger Woods is single. He is currently dating his best girlfriend Erica Herman.

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Tiger Woods Net Worth 2021:

Tiger Woods is the second richest athlete in the world. He has the award of a 15-time major champion. According to 2022 stats, Tiger Woods net worth roughly is $800 million.

Tiger Woods is the most well-known name in golf history and is considered to be one of the greatest golfers.

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