Electric type Pokemon: Weakness, Strength, Stats, and Much More

Electric-type Pokemon is one of the most known types. The most famous types of Pokemon come in the Electric type. They have the ability to generate, store, or produce electricity. They have electro-kinetic abilities. There are 18 types of Pokemon of which the electric type is one.

Among all the types, the Electric type is the 6th-rarest type of Pokemon but still one of the most famous Pokemon types.

There are a lot of facts and information regarding Electric type Pokemon. To cover all the information in only one article is quite hard. So, here in this article, we will tell you a little bit about Electric-type Pokemon, trainers of Electric type, their strengths and weakness, stats, and some interesting facts.

Electric type Pokemon:

Electric type is the 6th rarest type of Pokemon. There is a total of 75 electric Pokemon. All the Pokemon that come in this type have electro-kinetic abilities that make them able to store, generate, or even produce electricity.

Among 75 electric-type Pokemon, Pikachu is the most famous while Raichu is the second most famous Electric Pokemon. Their habitats are prairies to cities, forests, and power plants.


The electric type Pokemon is most effective against water and flying type Pokemon or moves. They are highly more potent against flying and water Pokemon.

Electric type Pokemon weakness:

Electric type Pokemon are weak against the dragon, electric, and grass-type Pokemon. They are also vulnerable against ground-type Pokemon. Rhyperior, Groudon, or Garchomp will be the best Pokemon to beat any Electric Pokemon in the game.

Electric type Pokemon moves:

From Generation 1 to 7, total 31 moves were introduced.

5 movies were introduced in Generation 1, 2 moves were introduced in generation 2, 3 movies were introduced in generation 3, 5 moves were introduced in generation 4, 2 movies were introduced in generation 5, 6 movies were introduced in generation 6, and the last 4 moves were introduced in generation 7.

Electric Pokemon Trainers:

Well, there are a total of 45 trainers of Electric type Pokemon. From all trainers, the third Gym Leader of Hoenn; Volkner, Clemont, the fifth Gym Leader of Kalos; the last Sinnoh Gym Leader; Lt. Surge, the third Gym Leader of Kanto; Wattson, Elesa the fourth Gym Leader of Unova; and Sophocles are the best electric Pokemon trainers.

Electric type Pokemon Stats:

There is a total of 75 electric type Pokemon of which 34 are single-type Pokemon and 41 are dual-type Pokemon. These Pokemon are weak against electric, ground, dragon, and grass Pokemon. They are strong against water and flying type Pokemon. The electric Pokemon has no effect on any Ground type Pokemon. 0

While in the condition of defense, they are super effective against ground Pokemon and least effective against steel, flying, and electric Pokemon.

The average HP is 64, the attack is 74.8, defense is 18.9, Sp, Attack is 86.7, Sp, Defense is 70.8, and Speed is 83.2.

The speed rank is 2nd, Sp. Defense rank is 14, S. Attack rank is 4th, Defense rank is 16th, attack rank is 14th, and HP rank is 17th.

Some Interesting Facts:

Here are the top 5 interesting facts regarding the electric type Pokemon.

  • Electric Pokemon completely has no effect against ground-type Pokemon.
  • The most famous Pokemon is Pikachu which is an Electric Type Pokemon.
  • Some games have only pure Electric Pokemon while some have dual Pokemon.
  • The Regieleki has the highest speed rate currently which makes him the best Electric-type Pokemon.
  • Luxray is an Electric Pokemon that can see through walls.

So, here we have told you the stats, weaknesses, and strengths of Electric Pokemon which will help you understand a lot more. You can also read about Ice Type Pokemon which s the rarest type of Pokemon yet!

Last Updated on December 10, 2022

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