Grass Pokemon: The third Basic Element of Pokemon

Grass Pokemon is one of the 18 types of Pokemon. There is a total of 123 grass-type Pokemon in the Pokemon franchise. The Pokemon franchise has had a huge reputation since 1996. Pokemon is still one of the best cartoons for children and the trading card business has also a huge revenue.

Previously, we have told you about the ice, and electric type Pokemon, here in this article, we will tell you about the grass Pokemon. 

An important thing to tell you is that the grass Pokemon is the third basic element of Pokemon. The triangle of Pokemon consists of three basic elements which are grass, fire, and water.

So, let’s start with a little introduction to the grass-type Pokemon, and later we will tell you the strength, weaknesses, and stats of grass-type Pokemon.

Grass Pokemon:

Grass Pokemon is considered one of the weakest types of Pokemon. They are based on Fungi and plants. The water type has the highest Pokemon in it while the grass type contains 123 Pokemon in the franchise. Grass-type Pokemon are mostly simple animals and animal-like creatures but they have some mythical creatures.  

The first grass-type Pokemon was Bulbasaur. Grass Pokemon are the weakest type of Pokemon among all 18 types. 

Celebi is a grass-type Pokemon who has received being the best legendary grass Pokemon. Shaymin is considered the strongest while Sceptile is the fastest grass-type Pokemon.


Grass Pokemon is very effective against water, ground, and rock-type Pokemon. Although grass Pokemon is the weakest type of Pokemon it is still very effective against the ground, water, and rock type Pokemon. 

Grass Type Pokemon Weakness:

The main weakness of this type of Pokemon is that the Grass Pokemon is the weakest Pokemon among all 18 types. Well, Grass is very weak against fire, ice, flying, Bug, and poison-type Pokemon. You should use these Pokemon against grass type to easily win the game.

Grass-type Pokemon moves:

From Generation 1 to 7, a total of 41 moves were introduced.

10 movies were introduced in Generation 1, 3 moves were introduced in generation 2, 8 movies were introduced in generation 3, 8 moves were introduced in generation 4, 4 movies were introduced in generation 5, 4 movies were introduced in generation 6, and the last 4 moves were introduced in generation 7.

Grass Pokemon Stats:

There is a total of 112 grass-type Pokemon which makes up 12.17% of all Pokemon types. From 123 Pokemon, 43 are pure grass Pokemon, 50 are primary, and 30 are secondary Pokemon. 

These Pokemon are weak against fire, ice, flying, Bug, and poison-type Pokemon. They are strong against water, ground, and rock-type Pokemon. 

While in the condition of defense, they are super effective against water, grass, ground, and electric-type Pokemon and least effective against fire, ice, poison, flying, and bug-type Pokemon.

The average HP is 66.4, the attack is 75.5, the defense is 74, Sp, Attack is 71.9, Sp, Defense is 71.6, and Speed is 61.1.

The speed rank is 15, Sp. Defense rank is 12, S. Attack rank is 12, Defense rank is 11, attack rank is 13, and HP rank is 15.

In the case of speed, the rank of grass pokemon is higher than Electric Pokemon. But the overall stats of Grass Pokemon shows that this is the weakest type of Pokemon. 

Grass-Type Trainers:

The notable grass-type Pokemon trainers are Ramos, Cilan, Erika Celadon City gym leader (Gold/Silver/Crystal), Gardenia, Milo, and Erika Celadon City gym leader (Let’s Go Pikachu/Let’s Go Eevee).

So, here are the weakness, strengths, a little introduction, and notable trainers of Grass Pokemon. You may also want to read about Electric Type Pokemon.

Last Updated on November 17, 2022

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