A Beginner’s Guide to Red Wine

Did you know that the United States produced 773 million gallons of wine in 2021?

We all know that one person seems to have perfect genetics when drinking alcohol. Other people get sick and feel miserable after one glass of wine. At the same time, others can pound back ten shots without even blinking an eye.

That’s why we’re working today to help you learn about Red Wine. Read on, and we’ll walk you through Red Wine 101.

Introduction to Red Wine Varietals

A beginner’s guide to red wine should start with an introduction to the primary red wine varietals. There are many different kinds of wine, each with unique characteristics.

Cabernet Sauvignon

As one of the world’s most sought-after varieties, it is a complex wine with intense aromas and flavors. Cabernet Sauvignon typically displays dark fruit flavors. This includes blackberry, cassis, and notes of chocolate, oak, and spice.

This potent combination makes this wine great for spicy dishes or grilled meats. Cabernet Sauvignon is perfect for mingling with friends around the dinner table. This red varietal is ideal for those just developing their wine palate. 


Merlot is one of the most popular red wines for those just starting to explore the world of red wines. Merlot falls into the light-bodied category and has low tannin and acidity levels. This makes it an excellent choice for those starting.

It has a fruit-forward flavor profile with hints of plum, blackberry, and cherry. Merlot also pairs well with a wide variety of dishes. This includes red meats, duck and chicken, and pasta.

When tasting a merlot, look for cocoa, smoke, tobacco, and herbs notes. When serving, always decant to allow the flavors to oxidize and open up. Merlot is best when done slightly chilled, around 60F-65F.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a light-bodied dry red with subtle flavors of raspberries, cherries, and violets. It is generally low in tannin, and the light body makes for an easy drinking experience. Pinot Noir still offers nuances typical of dark fruit, freshly cut hay, and a hint of mushroom.

Pinot Noir is also an ideal red wine for a night out with friends or to pair as a compliment to many dishes. It includes salmon, lamb, pork, and roasted vegetables.

Syrah and Grenache

Syrah and Grenache are two popular and commonly found grape varieties in the red wine category. Syrah is a full-bodied, intensely flavored varietal with solid notes of black pepper. This also includes dark fruits and a hint of smoky pepper.

Grenache is a softer, juicier wine perfect for an easy-drinking table red. It tends to be light-bodied, full of ripe red fruits and a hint of spice.

Blended results in powerful, complex, and well-balanced red wine. Both varieties can be put in a single bottle to create an intriguing mouthful.


Known for its bold, intense flavors and aromas, this fruity and versatile variety can be found worldwide. Zinfandel uniquely tastes dried, dark fruits, brambly blackberries, plums, and ripe cherries.

Its body is typically medium to complete and offers a pleasant finish. Zinfandel is best served between 16-18°C and pairs well with heartier foods. It includes beef, lamb, and tomato-based solid sauces. Zinfandel is an ideal red wine for beginners to explore.

The Art of Opening and Serving Red Wine

Opening and serving red wine correctly is an art form that should be carefully practiced. The bottle should store in an upright position.

A wine opener should be used when opening the bottle unless it has a screw or screwcap. The wine should then be poured into the glass, ensuring that the glass is with each person. If you need the best pourer, be sure to visit

When tasting the wine, notice its texture, aroma, and flavor. A beginner can learn more about the type and variety of flavors they prefer through the proper tasting. From there, they can discover more unique, characterful red wines.

Choosing the Perfect Bottle

Choosing the perfect bottle of red wine can be intimidating for a beginner. Familiarize yourself with the different types of red wines. This can be done by researching the flavor profile of each variety of red wine.

When shopping for your perfect bottle of red wine, it is essential to consider the occasions for which it will serve. Lighter red wines pair well with lighter meals such as poultry. Robust red wines can stand up to heartier dishes.

Price should also consider when choosing the perfect bottle of red wine. This will depend on the occasion, the level of quality desired, and your budget. Remember that when it comes to red wine, there is something to please every palate and pocketbook.

Proper Storage of Red Wines

Red wines are a fantastic choice for novice wine enthusiasts. Proper storage and aging of red wine are essential. If stored incorrectly, the flavor of the wine can become ruined.

When storing a bottle of red wine, seek out a dark, cool, and vibration-free area. A temperature of 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal. Sunlight and extreme temperatures can quickly break the flavor down in red wines.

A wine fridge is an excellent option for storing and aging reds. Keeping wines on their side allows the cork to remain moist, which prevents it from drying out and prevents oxidation of the wine. Label and store wines in an easily remembered order, such as by year, producer, or grape. 

Investing in Quality Red Wine

Investing in quality red wine means more than just paying more for a bottle – it means taking the time to understand the producer and the region in which the wine is made. Uncover the character of the wine, which can range from light and fruity to full-bodied and complex.

Experiment with various flavor pairings and find out what you enjoy. When evaluating price points and brands, be aware of the terroir and what contributes to the unique flavor profile of a particular region. Follow these tips, and you are well on your way to having a new appreciation for quality red wines.

Enjoying Red Wine

Red wine is an exciting drink to explore. Whether you want to impress your dinner guests, enjoy some relaxation time with yourself, or try something new, red wine can fill any occasion. Give it a try, and find what suits you best.

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Last Updated on February 26, 2023

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