8 Amazing Facts About why Were Chainsaws Invented?

Why Were Chainsaws Invented? You will see the brief history and the use of chainsaws in this article. You will be able to understand why were chainsaws invented? What the chainsaw used in the present world and why some peoples are afraid of the chainsaw? First, let me know what is a chainsaw and why were chainsaws invented?

Human is continuously working to make life easier. He cannot do everything without any help. He needs some type of tools and gadgets to make the work easier. That’s why he made so many tools according to the need. Chainsaw is also the one from these tools. We are going to discuss the need for the chainsaw which arose this question in people’s minds “why were chainsaws invented?”

What is Chainsaw and How does it Work?

A chainsaw is a mechanical cutting tool, used for cutting trees, branches, woods, etc. The chainsaw has a wide range of teeth-like blade chains at the edge of a rotating guide bar. It contains a rope that you can stretch to start the engine of a chainsaw.

After the chainsaw starts, the chain of blades starts moving rapidly. This fast motion causes the chain to move fast and the blades cut the object very easily.

Chainsaw’s History:

Chainsaw was first invented by two doctors “John Aitken” and “James Jeffray” in the 1780s. These Scottish doctors were working to remove the pelvic bone easily and without wasting any time. It was look-like a kitchen knife with little teeth on the edge of the chain that wound in an oval.

why were chainsaws invented

The invention of these two Scottish doctors born an idea of chainsaw, not the pure chainsaw. They just made a knife that works like a modern chainsaw. The first chainsaw was designed by a German Orthopaedist “Bernhard Heine” in 1830.

Why were chainsaws invented?

Now, let’s discuss about why were chainsaws invented? The chainsaw was invented to perform the Symphysiotomy (a surgery performs to increase the size of the pelvic outlet to permit the vaginal delivery of a baby). It was also used by these doctors to take out the diseased bone. The chainsaw used for surgery purposes at that time.

Parts of Chainsaw:

why were chainsaws invented

A modern chainsaw consists of the following main parts:

  1. A saw chain 
  2. A bar on which the chain moves
  3. Starting pull handle
  4. A muffler
  5. Chain brakes
  6. Front hand Guard
  7. Front Handle
  8. Oil Cap
  9. Oil Reservoir
  10. A trigger
  11. Protective case
  12. Safety Switch
  13. Air filter cover
  14. Fuel Tank
  15. Fuel cap
  16. Housing
  17. Throttle control lever
  18. Rear hand Guard
  19. Front handle

These are the external parts of a modern chainsaw.

Here you can watch the most powerful chainsaw:

Amazing Chainsaw Facts:

Following are some interesting chainsaw facts that you might have not heard before:

  1. The first chainsaw who was designed by Bernhard Heine was named as “osteotome”, not a chainsaw.
  2. The chainsaw used for surgery when it was made newly but in the present world, it is used for cutting woods or other objects.
  3. Hollywood has made too many movies showing the chainsaw used as the main weapon of serial killers. This point has created too much fear in the people about chainsaws and serial killers.
  4. Chainsaws are mainly used for cutting woods etc. but there exist some chainsaws which can cut bricks, concrete, and even stones.
  5. Some special chainsaws can work underwater.
  6.  A simple chainsaw’s injury needs about 105-110 stitches to heal properly.
  7. The average chainsaw works at a speed of 60 miles per hour.
  8. Some people ask why were chainsaws invented in 1780? The right answer is that in the 1780s, only the chainsaw-like knife was made by the doctors. The modern chainsaw was designed in the 1830s.

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Last Updated on November 16, 2022

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