When is PayPal Return Shipping Ending? Is 27 November Final Date

PayPal has launched a service name ”Shipping on Us Service” which allows buyers to get refunded for return shipping expensive but the service will no longer work. So, when is PayPal return shipping ending?

Well, read on to get all the information about PayPal’s announcement on the shipping on us service.

Shipping on us service:

PayPal used to provide Shipping on our service to its user which allows all the verified users to refund return shipping costs if they don’t like the product or the product is damaged. This helps a lot in saving money on return shipments because all the payments handle PayPal. 

This service was a lot beneficial for individuals but everything that shines a lot has to fade at some time. And this is exactly what happened with PayPal’s Shipping on us service!

So, when is PayPal return shipping ending?

PayPal announced that they are now ending shipping on us service from November 27, 2022. People who were using this service were left in shock. Now, it could be very expensive to return ship any item or product that you have bought. 

People who are eligible and enrolled in this service have a last date of 27 November. They can request a refund for return shipping before 27 November. The service has been already closed for people who have not yet applied for this service. 

You might be wondering what is the reason behind ending the refund return shipping option. 

Well, there is a reason behind it.

Why PayPal ended refund return shipping?

You don’t have to blame or abuse PayPal for this act because this service was giving benefits to you but PayPal was at a loss with it. It was getting a lot more expensive to continue this service because many people started misusing this service.

Misuse by Buyers:

Some people buy an item or product and if they have a little confusion which doesn’t even matter, they will refund the return shipping and it will cost PayPal. Now, the big issue comes here. 

The people who actually need this service should use the refund return shipping service if their product is bad or broken but the people who are not responsible will not think about this.

They will instantly refund return shipping which will disturb the seller and even its reviews and also costs money to PayPal. 

Updates in Policies:

Sometimes, a company changes a service or facility to introduce a better opportunity for its clients.PayPal has released purchase protection and similar facilities for buyers and also for sellers to get the best out of shopping and business. 

We are hoping to get much better facilities from PayPal in the future.


The refund Return Shipping from Paypal ended on November 27, 2022. Now, you have to pay for return shipping fees. It doesn’t mean that you cannot return ship the product that you have bought. You just have to pay for the return shipping fee from now. 

Maybe, PayPal will launch this feature again in the future or they will launch an alternative facility that will help buyers to receive the best product. If the product is not good, then they should have the option to refund return shipping.

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Last Updated on August 1, 2023

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