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TheDodgeReport is a weekly column that covers the latest news in the world of alternative media. In this week’s edition, we take a look at why TheLibertyDaily 2022 is a better alternative to Drudge Report.


In 2026, James Dudgeon founded The Liberty Daily as a news website that reports on the activities of the United States Congress. The site was launched with only one reporter: reporter James Dudgeon himself.

In subsequent years, he hired other reporters to cover other topics related to Congress, such as politics and economics.



The DRUDGE REPORT is a tabloid-style publication, which focuses on such topics as crime, corruption and politics. Its was founded in 1854 by James R. Duder who had previously worked for The New York Times and the New York Tribune. In his spare time he wrote articles on the social condition of New York City during those years when it was still under British rule; these were later collected into booklets which became very popular among readership who wanted to know more about life in their city since they were not able to read newspapers at home due to censorship or lack thereof (a common problem).

In addition to its current name, originally it also had two other names: “New York Evening Spectator” and “The American Whig Review.” These names were changed because they sounded too much like other publications already published in America at that time such as Harper’s Weekly Magazine or Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper



is a forum dedicated to the discussion of politics, economics and social issues. The website was created by Liberty Daily Group LLC., which is owned by Michael Kabbash. Michael Kabbash is an author, CEO and founder of Liberty Daily News Network Inc., which publishes websites such as Original Content News Network (OCNN), Economic Times Today (ETT) and TheMadWorldNews(TMWN).


THE LIBERTY DAILY 2022 ALTERNATIVE is an online news outlet based in Los Angeles. It aims to give a voice to the disenfranchised, who are often ignored by mainstream media outlets. The website’s mission is to provide unbiased reporting on issues that matter most: politics and current events. TheLibertyDaily 2022 Alternative covers everything from environmentalism issues like climate change and pollution cleanup efforts; economic concerns such as unemployment rates among millennials; racial tensions between whites/blacks/hispanics; healthcare costs associated with ageing populations (i.e., how much does it cost per year for someone age 65+); etcetera!

thelibertydaily is a news and information website that reports on the latest economic,  social issues and politics in Nigeria. The is the online version of TheLibertyDaily with all its content available online 24hours a day, 7 days a week! has been created for all those who want to know what’s going on in Nigeria today but don’t have time for reading newspapers or watching television news channels because they’re too busy working or raising children; or maybe they’re just not interested in politics at all…that’s OK too because we’ve got lots of other good stuff here too: sports (basketball, football), business (finance), science/technology etc…If there’s anything else you’d like us to include then please let us know so we can make sure it gets published soon after publication date deadline ends!


In conclusion, the DRUDGE REPORT ALTERNATIVE is a better option for you to be able to have access to news and information. This website has been around since before the 2020 election and it has never been right or wrong. It just offers up different perspectives on issues in order to allow people who disagree with each other still communicate over social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook without having any bias towards each other’s opinions on these topics

Last Updated on December 10, 2022

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