The Ultimate Guide to Landing Video Producer Jobs

Do you want to start a career in the field of video production?

One of the most in-demand career fields right now is video production. As people are turning towards video to exchange information, information needs to be communicated visually.

This is why many companies are turning to video producers. If you’re interested in this career field and want to work with video, then you should consider becoming a video producer.

Yet it’s not as simple as shooting a quality video and putting it out into the world. In fact, landing video producer jobs can be a bit tricky.

If you’re interested in this line of work and want to start out in this career field, then be sure to read our guide on how to be a video producer.

Let’s get started!

Taking Master Classes

To land a job as a video producer, it is important to take some classes to help guide you along the way. Identify the areas of expertise and skills that you need to excel in a video production position. Research and take classes that focus on those topics. 

Find master classes that are tailored to the particular type of job or production you want to pursue. Make sure to gain feedback on your work during class and ensure that you are making progress in mastering the skillset described in class.

Taking master classes as a guide to landing video producer positions requires knowledge and determination. Yet, with some good research, you can be sure to make the best connection with video production companies and hopefully secure that dream job as a video producer.

Invest in the Right Equipment

As a video producer, you will need to invest in the right equipment if you want to land a job in the field. This includes cameras, lenses, lighting, audio, tripods, and more.

Once you have determined the equipment necessary, you can begin to look into rental options or purchase the equipment. Next, you need to evaluate the effectiveness of the equipment and decide if the cost of renting or buying is worth it.

Once you have your equipment, you must know how to use it; practice using the equipment and check out tutorials online to master the skills. 


Professional-grade cameras should be your first choice, such as DSLRs since they are more capable of capturing higher-quality video with more settings and options. Digital camcorders provide features like high-definition recording, external flash support, and focus peaking that can produce sharp and cinematic footage. 


There are many options to consider, including prime lenses, zoom lenses, wide-angles, fisheye lenses, macro lenses, and telephoto lenses. Investing in a variety of lenses will help you expand your creative reach, create interesting compositions, and be better prepared for any job that requires video production.


For starters, LED lighting creates even illumination that can be easily dialed in for a desired effect. Investing in a portable lighting rig makes it easy to switch from location to location with minimal setup. 


Fluid head tripods allow for smooth, controlled panning and tilting, making them excellent for capturing dynamic camera shots. A mid-range budget should invest in a tripod that has a sturdy, twist-lock system with adjustable legs and is stable under heavier loads.

It should also be able to handle heavier equipment that is used for larger productions. Tripods with adjustable legs should also be able to fit into smaller spaces.

Create a Portfolio

Creating a portfolio that speaks to potential employers is essential when looking for video production jobs. This portfolio serves as an opportunity to demonstrate your abilities and skills to employers. 

List all production types of videos you have completed, including details. Gather samples from the projects you’ve completed including video clips, images, or recordings you can share.

Compile a well-organized portfolio that is tailored to the type of video production job you’re seeking. Create an appealing design for your portfolio to showcase your skills and educate potential employers about your abilities.

Include testimonials from clients and employers to give potential employers an insight into why you are the talent they need. Link all of your finished work to your portfolio, including Vimeo, YouTube videos, or a blog post.

Display portfolios on appropriate websites like LinkedIn, TalentHouse, and other websites catered to potential employers. Have the portfolio open and available online and in physical form for meetings.

Join Online Forums and Attend Events

By vying for video producer jobs, online forums, and events can serve as a helpful guide. First, consider joining online forums for professional video production, such as online communities specific to the field of producing videos. In this, connect with other professionals and share ideas, information, advice, and resources.

Consider joining industry-specific events such as video production parties, seminars, and trade shows. These events allow you to get to know other producers, discuss your plans, find out what companies are hiring, and learn more about the video production industry. Through both online forums and events, you’ll build relationships that can help you land a job.

You can pick up tips on how to market your skills and apply them to job applications. In addition, it’s a great way to network and keep up with news and changes in the field.

Follow Influencers and Producers

Identify the most influential producers and influencers in the industry. Research their work and see how they have achieved success.

Follow them on social media. Read their content and look for tips on how to become a successful producer. 

Research their current projects to understand the kind of work they do and the types of clients or spectators they work with. Assess what software programs they use and what processes or techniques they employ to create their content. 

Become an Apprentice

The first step in becoming an apprenticeship as a guide to landing video producer jobs is to gain some qualifications. Many video producers look for people with either higher education or certifications related to multimedia or video production. If you have the relevant qualifications, this will give you an advantage in the job market.

Find an experienced video producer to mentor you. Mentors will be able to provide guidance to help you hone your skills, understand the industry better, and gain more knowledge.

Look for internships or job openings that are related to video production. This will help you gain hands-on experience in the area of your choice.

Market Yourself on Social Media

Using social media to market yourself as a video producer is key to landing a job in the field. Here are some steps to help get you started. First, develop an online presence and establish yourself as an authority in the field of video production.

Create content in the form of blog posts, videos, and tutorials that showcase your skills and knowledge. Share your work with relevant networks and be sure to engage with others in your industry through conversations.

Connect with other producers, both online and offline, and network with industry professionals. Make sure to use hashtags and social media accounts to increase your visibility.

Look for relevant hashtags with high-volume engagement. This will help you reach a wider audience and increase your chances of getting noticed. It is also important to mix up the hashtags you use.

Keep some that are specific to the types of jobs you are looking for and also include some more general ones. Add local hashtags to help you connect with businesses in your area. 

Update your resume often and stay on top of trends in the industry to make sure you stay ahead of the game. With a well-rounded digital footprint, the right job openings are sure to come your way.

Submitting Applications to as Many Companies as You Can

Submitting applications to as many companies as possible when looking for Video Producer jobs is to research potential employers. Look into what employers might be looking for and see which ones align with the skills and experiences you have.

Create a strong resume and cover letter. Make sure your resume outlines your relevant experience, accomplishments, and educational background. Your cover letter should be a brief introduction of yourself and why you’re the perfect person for the job.

Personalize each application for the company you’re applying for. Ensure you read the job posting thoroughly, so you can tailor your application to fit what the position is asking for.

Keep an organized system for tracking your applications and responses. Follow up with employers in two weeks to check on your application, and always remember to politely express appreciation for their time.

Video Producer Jobs Are There and Waiting for You

Video producer jobs are out there and available for you to take advantage of! It’s all about finding the right opportunity and using your skills to get the job you’ve always wanted.

Go ahead and start looking into the available positions now and take the first steps toward your video producer dreams. Don’t miss out on this chance to make a major impact!

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Last Updated on August 3, 2023

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