The Job Skills Every Future Employer Wants to See on a Resume

Did you know that the average person looking for a job takes ten weeks or 2.5 months to find a job? About 118 people apply for any given position, and the market has become more competitive, which means candidates need to work to make themselves stand out.

When highlighting how you are the perfect candidate for the job, you must emphasize the skills every employer expects. Keep reading, and we will guide you through the job skills every future employer wants to see on a resume.

Hard vs. Soft Job Skills

The first step to update your resume is to list all of your hard and soft skills. Employers hire people that have a mixture of both hard and soft skills.

These will be the foundation of your resume writing and help you summarize your past work experience and how it’s relevant to a potential new employer. The difference between hard and soft skills is:

  • Hard skills: Usually teachable, such as being multilingual, SEO/SEM marketing, statistical analysis, or programming languages
  • Soft skills: Harder to develop, personality traits such as reliability, communication skills, creativity, or problem-solving

Your soft skills can enhance your hard skills, for example; if you are a detail-oriented marketer, you can help with quality assurance and catch any potential errors in marketing campaigns before they go out.

Regarding your resume job skills, you will carefully select the hard and soft skills you possess based on the employer and job you’re trying to get. After looking at a job description, hard skills may be easier to list.

Soft skills require more thought, but when you look at the job description and read about the company culture, to see what personality traits are a good fit. We will go through some of the top soft skill examples.

Soft Skills To Consider

There are soft skills that you can build off of or find similar skills that apply to you. Some examples of the top soft skills that employers look for include:

  • Active listening: Asking questions, taking notes, organizing
  • Communication skills: public speaking, written communication, team collaboration
  • Interpersonal skills: Empathy, patience, leadership
  • Problem-solving skills: Detail-oriented, communication, research, solution-focused

These are just a few, but as you can see, when you’re writing your resume, you can build off these to make them work with your hard skills. If you don’t know where to start with how to create a resume, check out these resume services.

YES Career Coaching & Resume Writing Services can help you write a resume, cover letter, and more for various job types.

Update Your Resume

Now that you know the job skills employers want to see on a resume, you are ready to update yours.

You need to include hard and soft skills because they will build off each other and help show how you are the right fit for the job, team, and company culture. You can provide examples of your experience and weave these skills throughout your resume.

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Last Updated on February 8, 2023

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