The Best Exercises To Grow Your Chest

There is a possibility that about 51% of the world’s population will be overweight or obese in the next 12 years. With that in mind, it’s time to get back to your exercise routine and include some new exercise types. 

Gyming your chest is a great way to improve your posture, support your surrounding muscles, and benefit your breathing. Compared to the time it takes for muscle building, chest exercises aren’t so time-consuming. 

To grow your chest effectively and efficiently, here are a few training tips for you: 

Dumbbell Bench Press

A dumbbell bench press offers a lot of motion that allows your chest muscles to work more, enabling more hypertrophy. Also, it allows you to get the optimal elbow and hand placement for your biomechanics and body.

Dumbbells move both flanks of your body to work unaided and lessen any unevenness that may form. Moreover, dumbbells deliver more options for learning pressing chest exercises with weights.

Barbell Bench Press

A barbell bench press is a unique workout for building strength and power. It can get used over a combination of rep ranges and rep methods, from lower rep 5×5 to increased volume 10×10.

Barbell bench press is a variety of activities and needs focus, strength, and stability. Therefore, do this muscle building activity at the first, second, or third start of your exercise.

Dumbbell Floor Press

The dumbbell floor press is an excellent choice to hit the chest muscles of the body. It helps those who don’t have access to a bench and those who get shoulder strain during bench pressing.

The floor press limits shoulder stretching, reducing tension on the shoulder joint. When using dumbbells, you can find the proper position for your wrists, hands, and elbows to help increase muscle growth and cut joint stress.

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

An incline dumbbell press hits the whole chest but puts more stress on the upper portion of the pecs.

The flat dumbbell press is a distinctive workout for gyming your chest. It hits all parts of the pectorals and focuses on the middle of the chest. 

Including both variations is best to hit the chest from various angles enabling entire muscle and strength growth.

Push Ups to Grow Chest Muscles

Before dumbbells, barbells, and weight plates, people built muscular chests through other exercises. Push-ups have withstood the test of time as one of the best workouts and knowing how to hold your body into space. The best part is that push-ups require no gym equipment or memberships. 

You may do them anywhere, anytime, making it a perfect choice to include in your chest exercises. Many people avoid the push-up once they gain strength. However, there are limitless types of push-ups to challenge your body muscles and get more results.

Some of our favored muscle-building push-up variations include:

  • Archer push-ups
  • Decline push-ups
  • Dive bomber push-ups
  • Deficit push-ups
  • 1-½ rep push-ups
  • Assisted one-arm push-ups
  • Off-set Push-ups
  • Spider-Man Push-ups
  • One-leg Push-ups
  • Shuffle Push-ups
  • Diamond Push-ups
  • Wide Push-ups
  • Plyometric Push-ups 

Push-ups can get included in any part of your training to build strength or at the end of the workout. The number of activities you could do to work your chest is mind-numbing. There are a hundred different workouts you may conduct to work the pecs. 

Dips Exercises

Like push-ups, the dip workout has been a staple for years in helping people build a more muscular upper body. Dips put an enormous stretch on the pecs, and it’s a good activity for filling the pecs and enabling hypertrophy.

A dip belt gets added to dips exercises to boost the challenge and get results without using a barbell. Again, apart from adding external weight, you may boost the challenge by pausing or doing 1-½ reps.

One crucial thing to remember is don’t leap out of the bottom stretch position. It puts more tension on your ligaments, joints, and connective tissue. For added chest stress on the dip, execute the exercise with a little forward lean and guide with your chest.

Cable Crossover Movement

Aside from the machines vs free weights debates, another issue is mixture vs. isolation movements. It’s not a binary offer, as it doesn’t need to be all combination and no seclusion. The best developments come from using a mixture.

Isolation activities let you work out a target muscle if your supporting muscles may be weary. For example, the triceps and shoulders get exhausted after a workout, but the chest can do more. Isolation movements offer you to hit a target muscle group to burn out the fibers.

Further, there are many workouts you can do before central exhaustion kicks in. Isolation activities are less stressful to the joints and nervous system and let you do more action. 

So, in terms of isolation activities for the chest, one of the best is the cable crossover. By utilizing the cables, you gain the advantage of steady stress over the full range of activity.

Dumbbell flys are a good choice for isolating the chest, but there’s no pressure on the chest at the top of the motion. This problem gets solved through cable crossover.

Once you’ve finished your sets, consider using deer antler velvet. It can help reduce after-workout sores and possible inflammations as well as restore your strength and endurance. 

Machine Fly or Pec Dec 

The machine fly or pec dec is one of the many chest muscle training tips.

The machine fly is an ideal chest isolation workout without stressing the shoulder joint. It even has the advantage of steady pressure on the pecs because of the usage of cables.

The pec dec can be a final touch at the end of a workout and as a pre-exhaust or warm-up movement.

All the Exercises You Need to Grow Your Chest

We’ve wrapped up some of the best exercises to grow your chest. You don’t have to do all workouts in a single training to build strength and muscle but only three or four.  However, adding sets of push-ups and isolation movements into your exercise routine has many benefits. 

Improve your health and fitness by browsing through the rest of our guides! We also have guides on other topics from career and education to business and food. 


Last Updated on April 15, 2023

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