Teaching to Administration: A Guide to Careers in Education

Careers in education make up a huge industry in the United States. In public schools alone, over 7 million people serve our younglings.

The education career path is a tough one, make no mistake. But it is perhaps one of the most rewarding as it allows you to prepare the next generation for their upward journey. And there are far more jobs in education than just being a run-of-the-mill English teacher.

If you are considering education jobs, you have a healthy variety to choose from. Keep reading as we discuss each option, what it entails, and what the average pay is.

The Most Common Careers in Education: Teaching

There is always a shortage of good teachers. Teachers work on the front line, educating students on all topics. You can work in Physical Education or take a backseat with an easier, tech-ed position.

Teaching is one of the most demanding careers. You will work long hours, even when it is long past time to clock out. You will be responsible for additional after-work tasks, such as grading and parent-teacher conferences.

Average Teacher Salary and Education

At the time of writing, the average salary is $65,293. Salaries depend greatly on the state or city where you work. There have been some successful strikes and salary bumps in recent years to improve pay.

To qualify for a teaching position, you need to get your education. Getting a masters in education is the most common route. However, in some rare cases you can obtain your license and prove your worth through previous experience.

Who Should Be a Teacher?

Teaching is not for everyone, but it is a rewarding career for those who choose it. If you love working with children and are very sociable, this is your place. Especially if you enjoy the process of imparting wisdom in a simple, digestible way.

In truth, being a teacher is a community job. You are giving the new generation the tools it needs to have successful and productive lives. No one does this job for the money.

Education Administration

The classroom environment is not for everyone. But if you still want to be involved with education, administration gets you close. This allows you to work with teachers, students, and the education they receive.

Administration is more than just talking to students in the principal’s office. This is about handling financial aid, building lesson plans, and instituting safety programs. You’ve got to make high-level decisions in a much lower-stress environment.

Average Administrator Salary

This one is highly dependent on your position. For example, a principal can make an average of $100,000 per year. Other positions such as desk workers and clerks may earn somewhat less.

Who Should Work in Administration?

If you prefer to have a greater sway on education on the whole, this is the place for you. You can work with your Board of Education to discuss the yearly curriculum and teacher policies. This gives you a chance to help from the top, rather than from the bottom.

Administrators will have to deal with bigger problems, though. School security, student malfeasance, and more will be in your domain. Teachers get taken to task by parents, but administration deals with this far more often.

Careers in Higher Education

Tertiary education provides options for those who would rather teach adults than children. This gives you the opportunity to work with a much higher level subject matter. The environment is significantly different too, with semesters and a rolling door of new students.

Here, you have a wider variety to choose from. Both public and private institutions offer you chances for higher pay and more flexibility. However, this is a career that is less community-based and will have less involvement with student lives.

Colleges also open doors for research and furthering your field. Many college professors are leading experts in biology, sociology, and other specialties. They receive large grants to perform studies with their students.

Being a college professor also awards you higher honors and respect. It’s a great look on your resume.

Average Salary in Higher Education

The salary difference is not that great between public school teachers and college teachers. Expect to make about $67,352 per year.

However, there is one thing to keep in mind here: upward mobility is more likely in higher education. Unlike public schools, you can negotiate higher pay at new institutions. As experience grows, so do your opportunities.

Job security is better in the collegiate sector. Professors can get tenure, which prevents arbitrary firing. They can become members of boards and administrations to boost involvement and pay.

Who Should Work as a College Teacher?

For experts in their field who want to work with the sharpest minds, this is the ticket. College teaching means you no longer have to distill your wisdom to small children. You have greater freedom in what you teach and what assignments you give.

College teachers also have less off-the-clock responsibilities. You do have to grade papers, but there are no more parent conferences or afterschool detention assignments. You can set office hours for your students to meet you, rather than being on the hook for student-teacher meetings.

College teaching is also a bit less hectic. Sure, young adults can create their own breed of problems. But as a college professor, you will no longer be dealing with childish behaviors common to public schools.

Find the Right Education Career for You

Careers in education may not be the highest-paid positions in the United States, but they are certainly the most rewarding. Nothing feels better than helping the new generation spread its wings and fly. There are plenty of options, from elementary school teaching all the way up to the college level.

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Last Updated on March 26, 2023

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