Sending Your Regards: 5 Qualities of a Perfect Sympathy Flower Arrangement

Are you looking for a meaningful gift to cheer someone up? Or maybe you just want to pay your respects to someone who has passed away.

When it comes to these moments, flowers are often the gift of choice. The beauty of flowers is that they are also known to have time-honored healing properties.

However, finding the right sympathy flower arrangement can be challenging. How exactly can you interpret the gesture in your present choice?

Well, keep reading to learn the qualities you should look out for in the right flower arrangement.

1. The Appropriate Size

The size should be appropriate for the service. Too big of an arrangement could be disruptive and tacky. Too small of an arrangement could be seen as an insult to the departed.

Most florists recommend an arrangement that stands in the range of two feet to three feet in height. This size is usually appropriate for a memorial service, visitation, or funeral service.

2. The Right Colors

It is important to keep in mind that each color has its symbolic meaning. White, for example, is generally seen as a symbol of purity and innocence. It is often chosen to represent a fond farewell to someone who has passed away.

Soft pink or lavender are both associated with understanding, love, and compassion. Other colors such as yellow, orange, or red may be selected for their vibrancy and life-affirming nature. Purple speaks to nobility and admiration and is often given to honor a particularly beloved individual.

In its entirety, the perfect sympathy flower arrangement will be tasteful. It will be composed of colors that express the sentiment of remembrance.

3. Durable and Fragrant Flowers

The best sympathy flower arrangements should contain fragrant and durable flowers.

Fragrant flowers such as roses, lilies, and snapdragons can lift the spirits of those mourning a loss. It also adds a pleasant natural scent.

Durable flowers such as daisies and chrysanthemums can last for days or even weeks. This allows for a longer vigil of remembrance for the deceased. 

4. Meaningful Accents

A perfect sympathy flower arrangement has meaningful accents that make the gesture of love even more special. An arrangement that has supportive words, such as “In Our Thoughts” or “With Love” can make the gesture even more meaningful for the recipient.

The arrangement should also be meaningful to the deceased person. Perhaps it could include their favorite flowers. Sending sympathy flowers with a thoughtful quote on a card also makes the gesture more memorable.

5. Greenery

Greenery gives funeral flower arrangements beauty to capture the right emotion. The addition of ferns, eucalyptus branches, and palms, can add texture, color, and life to the arrangement, giving it a calming presence.

The lush green color also provides a serene backdrop. So florists like Rich Mar Florist use them to represent hope and peace while bringing strength to the recipient. 

Pick the Right Sympathy Flower Arrangement for the People You Love

The right sympathy flower arrangement conveys thoughts of love and support during difficulty. So consider the thoughtful design and meaningful sentiment. Then choose the most appropriate blooms for the arrangement.

Visit your local florist today. Then help create an arrangement that will bring heartfelt condolences and peace to the family in their time of need. 

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Last Updated on April 21, 2023

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