Which is the Scariest Movie in the World Ever?

Choosing only one scariest movie in the world among all the scary movies is a very difficult task. Scary movies are of 2 types. One type of scary movie is brutal and violent movies. The second type is a ghost, paranormal, and scary creatures movie.

Here we will find the scariest movie in the world and also talk about the top 5 scariest movies in the world.

Here are the top 5 scariest movies in the world ever:


Insidious is considered to be the scariest movie in the world. Most of the movies that are based on reality got popularity but Insidious is the scariest horror movie in the world that is not reality-based.

The movie was released in 2010. Director James Wan and Leigh Whannell are the authors of the idea. The jump scares make sit more horror for watchers.

The whole shooting of the film was covered in just three weeks. The movie is scary in a horror way, not in a violent way. As the best scariest movie in the world by users, insidious has generated over $160 million of revenue on the Box-office. 

The Exorcist-Scariest Ghost Movies in the World:

It is impossible to forget The Exorcist when we talk about horror movies. If you want to see the scariest ghost movie in the world, the Exorcist is best for you. Although the Insidious film series has generated a wave of fear in people, the Exorcist has its position.

The movie was released in 1973 whose story revolves around the demonic possession of 12 years old girl. Then, two priests come to the home and conduct an exorcism to save the girl. The scenes during an exorcism will scare the hell out of you which makes it the scariest movie in the world.

The story is based on a real demonic possession of a student of Georgetown University in 1950.

The Conjuring:

The Conjuring

No matter you have seen the upper two scariest movies or not. If you love horror movies, you should not miss this masterpiece. This film series has 7 parts. The first movie, The Conjuring is the most famous and the scariest movie in the world from all the movies of this series.

A new part has come of Conjuring in 2021. The film of these series has made on real-life events.

The main idea revolves around paranormal researches that protects a family whose house is possessed by a very powerful dark presence. 

Are they became successful in protecting or not, watch the movie to know.


The sinister movie revolves around a demon who eats children to live. The movie is not reality-based. The villain is not a ghost but a serial killer that kills and eats children.

The movie is scary due to a lot of violent scenes. The deaths shown in the movie will give you goosebumps. The sinister movie is banned in some countries due to their extreme graphics and violent scenes in them.  

If you are not afraid of violence and brutal scenes, then you can watch this movie.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre:

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is considered to be one of the most brutal movies in the world. A serial killer with a chainsaw kills people brutally. There are many violent scenes in this movie. The killer kills the people to get meat from.

The killer kills humans like animals on a farm. The movie was released in 1974. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Is banned in many countries. The movie has got an 8.10/10 score. Even after extreme violent scenes, around 89% of people gave a positive review.

Which is the scariest movie in the world according to your opinion? Tell us in the comment section. Hope you enjoyed this article. You may also like: Most haunted places in the world

Last Updated on November 17, 2022

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