Our Tyrant Became Young Spoiler

Our Tyrant Became Young is a webtoon series that is very popular among Manga lovers. This Korean Anime series has a total of 24 chapters whose Niche is Romance/ Some people say that the story is more than Romance. 

This novel sounds like a pedophile. However, here is Our Tyrant Became Young Spoiler in which we will tell you the story of Yi Yon who is the main character of this novel.

Our Tyrant Became Young Spoiler:

The novel is written by Lee Minyeong. The story revolves around a young boy (Yi Yon) who learns many important lessons in his life by facing life problems and taking responsibility for all his actions that he has done. All this becomes possible with the power of love and kindness. 

He was a young boy but a witch used magic and turned him into a child. That was the main part of the novel where form the whole story starts. 

Before getting attacked by a witch, he was a ruthless emperor. After being attacked by the witch, he now starts fearing for his survival and defense. During his journey, Yi Yon meet many new people who started taking care of him. One of them was Bora who was a very kind woman. 

The whole story revolves around the development of a ruthless emperor. 

Bora’s Character:

After being escorted by Bora, he understood the true meaning of love, kindness, and, compassion. This whole article explains the storyline of this fantastic novel and spoils the story. If you are curious about reading this novel then you can directly read this novel on websites like zinmaga, zinmanhwa, etc. 

Bora taught him much more about love, the value of human life, forgiveness, empathy, etc. He started living a new life in which there is no hate, no crime, and no violence. 

He learned many valuable lessons from Bora Many other people came into his life during his resulted childhood and he learned so many good things.  

Instead of being a powerful and ruthless emperor, he was now an innocent boy. 

Yi Yon’s Past:

You might be thinking about how he became a tyrant. Well, his parents got divorced and he was very sad. He started being angry and sad all the time. He also had many fights with school kids.

Ultimately, he was alone and nobody wants to be with him making him more aggressive. When the witch makes him young and he started living among lovely and caring people, he felt ashamed of his past acts and realized the faults and mistakes that he had done in his life. 

His New Life:

In is new life he decided to live a meaningful and lovely life and to use his powers in good deeds. So, when he finally finds the meaning of life, he considered himself a hero. Now, our Tyrant has become a hero after Our Tyrant Become Young Spoiler. 

The interesting point to note is that he is now happy in his new life but the people’s reactions are different. Some are happy for him, some are scared of him, and some are sad. 

The people who are evil are now scared of him. He is very happy with his life and saves his friends and family from villains. 

With the help of other allies, he is now fighting against evil and spending his energy on good deeds. 


Our Tyrant Became Young Spoiler is very popular and interesting to read. When you read the whole anime, you will feel like you are Yi Yon which makes the character more valuable. The whole story is a piece of diamond. 

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