Novelfull: What Do Light Novels and Manga Have in Common?

Light Novels and Manga Books are often mistaken as the same thing. Due to manga and light novels having the same origin country, it is misconceived as the same thing. Light Novels hugely differ from Manga. Manga having demographics that can help authors learn the boundaries of their storyline is not present in Light Novels.

In this article, we’ll learn about the similarities between Manga and Light Novels and How to read them using Novelfull.

Light Novels

Light Novels started as short stories in pulp magazines. It is very short and can be read in one sitting. As many readers in Japan got invested in reading this it improved to being published as a small book. Light Novels got famous in the west which pushed publishing companies to improve the format and style of light novels.

Japanese Light Novels contain text and dialogues as a method of storytelling. It has minimal artwork made for readers to visualize better the scenes and characters. The storyline of light novels incorporates genre and Japanese lore. Light Novels are focused on young adult, adult, and teenage readers from all around the world.


Manga is an art form that originated in Japan. It is a style of a comic book which have panels arranged in a method influenced by its origin country. It composes of pictures and text as a method of storytelling. Manga has a variety of genres and themes to offer to readers. The demographics of manga help readers and mangakas know the suitable age range and gender group of a book.

Manga can be read in print books and online. Its aim age range and gender group depend on the demographic of the manga. Manga incorporates Japanese culture and tradition into storylines of any kind. It is a great medium to learn more about Japan. This art form can take you to another world different from reality.


Novelfull is an online reading platform made accessible in any part of the globe. It can offer a variety of features, genres, and categories to users. The site welcomes warmly aspiring writers. It is free to use and requires no hassle process of signing up.

Novelfull has a search bar that helps readers on navigating specific materials. The light novels and manga that you can find on the platform are updated. Novelfull allows you to keep updated with the current trends.

Novelfull aims to help readers from all around the world have access to quality and current manga and light novel books. It enables them to access a variety of reading content on just one platform. The site is safe and secure from malware.

You won’t experience pop-up ads and redirections which assure readers of a safe, secure, and convenient reading experience. A platform similar to this is NovelUpdates which has a diverse collection of reading content but differs hugely in its features.

Similarities between Light Novel and Manga

Light Novel and Manga Books both originated in Japan. They reflect Japanese Lore in their storylines and mix it with the genre. They also feature societal issues and various points of view. They both have genres that are mixed with the storyline.

Prominent Light Novels are often adapted into manga series. Both of these art forms started in Japan and got famous around the world. These can also be read online. These can also be adapted to anime series when they get many enthusiasts.

How to Read Light Novels and Manga Using Novelfull

Novelfull is designed to be simple and user-friendly so that many readers can easily maneuver the site. Using Novelfull to read manga and light novels is very simple. Here are the 4 steps to successfully choosing and reading a book using Novelfull.

  1. Open Novelfull: Using any device available to you, open the browser. Connect your device to an internet connection to access the site. Search for Novelfull on your browser. Double-check the URL to know if you entered the correct URL.
  2. Browse Genre and Categories: Novelfull has genres and categories selection. Both of these can be found when you click the three bars located at the upper right of the page. The list of categories can be accessed by clicking Novel List. If you don’t have any title in mind and you prefer to read a light novel in line with the trend then this should be the thing that you’ll browse. The list of genres can be seen when you click the Genre. If you love selecting books according to the genre then this should be the one that you browse.
  3. Use the Search Bar: The search bar can also be accessed when you click the three bars located at the upper right of the page. Below the Genre is the search bar that can help you navigate specific titles, authors, and keywords. If you like reading according to the author then you should try this tool.
  4. Read the Novel: When you’re done selecting a book to read, start reading by clicking the first chapter of the novel. The list of chapters can be found at the bottom of the book summary. Don’t forget to rate the novel after reading it.

Should I Use Novelfull?

Novelfull is known as an all-in-one platform. It is safe and secure. It has no annoying advertisements and redirection. It has a variety of contents and categories to browse at any time. The platform is easy to use and has a simple user interface.

If you love reading and prefer to access a good read then Novelfull is the site for you to use. It has a variety of features to offer that can help you have a convenient reading experience.

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Final Words

Light Novels and Manga books have quite similarities but also have huge differences from one another. Reading Light Novels is different from reading manga. Although originated from the same country there are many elements that make them differ from each other.

Novelfull is a platform where you can access this diverse collection of reading content. It is very simple to use the site. We listed down the step-by-step tutorial above and defined Novelfull.

Last Updated on November 17, 2022

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