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NBA Top Shot – Everyone loves sports and wants to memorize some important occasions of sports. To memorize the sports acts, people use sports printed cards to save them as a good memory.

This type of sports carding system is known as the sports trading cards system. People want to get sports cards. Some peoples who have sports cards or some people who are attached to the sports field provides sports cards to sports cards lover by taking some price.

This technique or procedure is known as sports carding. This has become a huge business. To start a trading cards store, you must have $2,000 to $10,000 for starting a business. You can estimate how huge the sports carding business is in the marketplace.

Now, the carding system has converted to a virtual trading carding system. It means the sports trading cards have gone virtual. As time changes, the technology also gets an update, so the sports trading card system has become a virtual trading card system.

In this article, we are going to tell about the NBA top shot. NBA top shot is a marketplace for NBA fans where they can buy, sell and trade the highlights of NBA match that operate trading cards. NBA Top Shot is also known as NFT (Non- Fungible Token Marketplace). Each virtual trading card contains a video highlight of an NBA player.

How do NBA Top Shot Virtual Trading cards Works? 

The Fans of the NBA come at the NBA’s top shot (Virtual trading cards marketplace) and they buy, sell, trade the highlights of NBA players in the form of a virtual card. The virtual card contains a highlight which people buy to save as a memory.

The whole trading procedure is done by using cryptocurrency technology which is known as “Blockchain”. The blockchain contains a permanent and unique certificate of the owner which cannot be deleted, copied, or duplicated to save the purchase of the buyer.

Blockchain helps to secure the service of virtual trading cards. By using the same technique, Beeple, an artist, has earned more than $70 million by selling digital work.

NBA top shot prices:

The packs of moments of NBA player starts from $9. The price of a virtual card in NBA top shot can also be $230 according to the density of the moment. The average or a simple moment card has a $10 to $20 off the price.

The biggest transaction ever made was the transaction of the moment of LeBron James Dunk which went for $210,000 which get the most attention from the media.

Virtual trading card packs in NBA top shot can also cost about $1000. The rarity of the card also matters in the cost of the card. Rare cards can be bought through biding but many millionaires bids on the rarest cards in order o get these cards as a unique thing.

You can only bid on rare cards if you are a millionaire or a billionaire. Also, you can make the video of unboxing the flashy pack and upload it on YouTube. According to a recent survey, the videos of the unboxing of these cards get around thousands of viewers over YouTube.

How to buy NBA top shot?

NBA top shot cards are hard to get. The reason behind this fact is that almost all cards are sold quickly after the release of these cards. Fans are paying a huge amount and spend their time to get these types of cards

If you want to buy NBA top shot cards, follow these steps:

Create an account at NBA Top Shot:

Creating an account on NBA top shot doesn’t cost any amount. The account creation is free. Visit NBA Top Shot official site and click on sign up. After filling in the required information in the sign-up process, you have to copy a one-time code for account recovery (if you forget your username or password you can use that one-time code to recover your account).

Save this code to a safe place on a safe device. After this, you will see some video instructions about NBA Top Shot and how to purchase them.

If you want to Buy an NBA top shot account for the long term, transfer your collection to your dapper wallet which you can download on the Dapper website. Dapper is a special wallet that works for the flow blockchain.


Don’t send any other cryptocurrency-based NFTs in your wallet like Ethereum NFTs. If you send these to your dapper account, your collection will be lost in a blockchain transaction.

Buy a Particular Piece from Collection:

NBA Top shot cards are sold quickly after the release. There are two types of packs. The base set pack starts from $9 and the second pack which is Rising Star starts from $200. Card getting chance is higher in the rising star pack.

You can see that almost all cards are sold after the release in this video:

If you can’t afford the rising pack then you can buy a particular card at secondary marketplaces.

Hope you understood the concept of the virtual trading card system. Visit our website for more articles.  

Last Updated on November 17, 2022

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