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Mangasail is the best place to read free manga online. We have over 40,000 manga and manhwa titles available for free reading. Mangasail has a new app that allows you to easily access our content on your phone or tablet without any internet connection.


If you’re looking for a way to read free manga online, then Mangasee 2022 is the best place for it. They have thousands of free manga titles that can be downloaded and read on your computer or smartphone.

Mangasail 2022 has been providing their customers with the best reading experience in their community since 2002 when they were started up by two brothers named Miguel and Raymond Pachón. Since then, they have grown into one of the most popular destinations where people go when they want something different than what’s being offered by other websites out there today!


  • You can also read free manga online.
  • Mangasail is a great manga reader app that allows you to download manga and read it offline, as well as sync your progress across multiple devices.


We’ve got your back! Here’s a list of our favourite recent manga releases:

  • [Manga] The Last Story by Yoshiki Tonogai (read it here) – This is an old classic that has never been out of print since its release in 1999. It’s about a boy named Link who travels with his sister to an island where they meet people who think they’re gods or have some sort of special powers. There are also dragons and other fantastical creatures that can be controlled by humans or otherwise. It’s definitely worth checking out if you have time to read one chapter every day this week—it’ll only take about five minutes per chapter!



  • Mangas: The following are the upcoming releases for manga. These will be released between now and 2022, but you can’t find them here yet!
  • Manga chapters: Here’s a list of all the manga chapters that have been released so far in 2022. If you want to read more about a particular chapter and its author, check out our guide on reading manga (and don’t forget to tell us what you think!).
  • Manga series: That have been published so far this here’s another list of all the series year. Some are part of larger series; others are stand-alone titles with no relation whatsoever!


The latest chapter updates are available on the Mangasee website. You can access them by clicking here or by visiting your favourite digital platform such as Google Play, Apple Books, Amazon Kindle and more!


The Top Manhwa Recommendations are based on the most popular, rated and reviewed manhwa. The Top Manhwa Recommendations are updated regularly so you can read them no matter where you are. They’re available in English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese!

Read manga new releases

If you’re looking for manga, Mangasail is the place to be. We provide a free online manga reader that allows you to read all your favourite comics in the comfort of your own home. There’s no need to download anything and we don’t require any special software or plugins. The app works on almost any device—so whether it’s an Android phone or an iPhone, you’ll be able to enjoy our content on your preferred platform!

Here’s how it works: just log into Mangasee and start reading! You can also use this website if you prefer reading from desktop computers rather than mobile phones (although we recommend using either way).


With a wide variety of genres and themes, mangaka have developed a number of popular series. If you are looking for something new and different, there are many manga series out there that can be enjoyed by everyone.

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Last Updated on November 12, 2022

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